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@hckynut take the win this is great news. I hope your wife and you keep getting good news, I hope she makes a speedy recovery.

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So happy to hear your good news. Continued good health to you both.

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Good news.  Thanks for letting us know.

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You are a great husband taking the time as you have to help her and garner prayers in the process. 


I continue keeping you both close to my thoughts and pray for a decent and painfree outcome for her.

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So glad your wife is home and will  pray for her continued  healing.

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Great news! I know she is in the best hands at home.

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John, I am so happy to hear your wonderful news!

Sending you both lots of good wishes.

I add a tiny bit of cranberry juice, or apple juice to a large glass of water. Makes it a bit more appealing.

Get some rest now.


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This is good news indeed and she's very fortunate to have such a caring and compassionate husband as you.

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@hckynut   I'm glad your wife is home. I drink flavored water by the case. Aldi has it and Nestle. It's just a delicate flavor. I think she might like it!

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Whew! Delighted to hear she's feeling better and is safely home with you and all the felines. Follow up with the tests needed. I still believe Omaha has some of the best medical facilities available and she have answers. So far, everything seems to make sense and drinking water is so important for all of us.  Keep encouraging her to drink a lot of H2O! Thanks for the update.  

Hope her test results are normal and she continues to feel good .