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John, this is very happy news.  I know you and the kitties will make sure she is feeling well soon.  

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Happy to hear she's home under your care, @hckynut .  Best of luck on the upcoming procedure, and wishing both of you rest and peace.

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Great news @hckynut  and Continue on the road to recovery Miss Cindy. I guess I better try to drink more water myself. Thanks for update John ❤️🙏🏻


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@HLP wrote:

@goldensrbest wrote:

There are so many kinds of water ,she could buy.

I hate water too. Started buying Mio, orange somethin or other, and my Kids started buying me bottled water, so I put 7 squirts of the Mio in it, and I drink at least 5 bottles a day. Most people don't use that many squirts, but thats how I like it.Haven't drank a pop for 3 years. There are all kinds of flavors  to try.

When I use the Mio water-enhancers, I use the same number of drops as you do to get the same amount of taste from them. Smiley Happy


We also like the powdered drink mixes that you can add to water, like Wyler's, Chrystal Light and other low-calorie store-brand equivalents.


I have had both gallstones and kidney stones, both of which are incredibly painful. I would not wish that kind of pain on anyone.


It's the kind of pain that sends you to the ER, knowing that something is horribly wrong in  your body from something.


@hckynut John, I am happy to hear that Cindy is better and that she will be able to take care of the problem on an out-patient basis.


I wish both of you all of the very best. Heart

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@hckynut   Such good news! Take care.

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Glad to hear things are looking up for your wife!  Sounds like time for rest, relaxation and room service (delivered, of course, by you!)  Smiley Happy

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Thank you for the update!  You'll both rest better with her home.  Prayers for rapid and complete return to excellent health.

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Thanks for the update, wishing her a speedy recovery