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That's great that your bride is home!  Remember to take care of yourself as you take care of her!  


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Good to hear she continues to be in good hands.  

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Hi John....glad to hear update and my very best to you and your wife. My continued best wishes to the both of you. Hugs xxxxx Stormy

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@goldensrbest wrote:

There are so many kinds of water ,she could buy.

I hate water too. Started buying Mio, orange somethin or other, and my Kids started buying me bottled water, so I put 7 squirts of the Mio in it, and I drink at least 5 bottles a day. Most people don't use that many squirts, but thats how I like it.Haven't drank a pop for 3 years. There are all kinds of flavors  to try.

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Thank you for letting us know Cindy is home.  Adding my wishes 

for an easy, safe solution to her problem.  Now you and the kitties 

can breath a bit, and I know you will take good care of her.


Good Wishes to y’all.

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Great news that she doesn't need another surgery!


Hope she's on the mend quickly!

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i didn't see the original post, but wanted to pop in and wish your wife a speedy recovery. 

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So glad she is home & feeling better 😊😊

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Wonderful news John.  I know you will make sure she

doesn't overdue and hopefully you can get her to drink  more water, yea, I know, that's why I said "hopefully."

Both of you take care and stay safe and healthy Heart.



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I didn't read that your wife was ill.  I am very glad to read your post that she is home and doing much better.  I am sending my best thoughts and prayers to you both.  It's bad enough to be sick at any time, but with the extra worries of the virus, it's really difficult.  I  sincerely hope she is back on her feet and totally well very, very soon!!!  

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