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♥️ I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers for my wife during her latest abdominal health issue. Got her home just a short while back this morning.


She did not need surgery for this issue, for now anyway. Her MRI showed some issues with the ducts, but the Gastro and Surgical team, believe it was a stone once again. They feel the Antibiotics were at least partially responsible her pain being diminished.


They wanted to run another test, but that equipment is not available at this hospital. Understandably they wanted her in the hospital for as short a period of time as possible due to the ******* Virus.


She will be going as an outpatient to the hospital that has this equipment to have this  procedure done. I personally did not see any of her doctors. I am basing this part of this post on what she has told me, and that she had deciphered from what the doctors have told her about the testing. 


There are 3 different doctors she will be making appointments to see prior to setting a specific date to run this outpatient procedure. For now the is home feeling back to normal, just lost a little bit of her energy.


Trying to get her to drink more water, but haven't been successful over our many years, so!!!  And of course make sure she rests up and eases into her daily life.


Thank you to everyone once again for caring about my wife, and also about myself. Now to all of you I want to wish you and yours good health during these much different times.





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Glad she's home; thanks for the update!


All the best!

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There are so many kinds of water ,she could buy.

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Wishing you and your wife the best.

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I'm glad your wife is home, John. Thank you for letting us know, I'm praying she continues to improve. You take care of yourself, too.

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Had a hard time getting my grandchildren to drink water from other than a bottle (boo bottles).


So I would add a slice of an orange or a lemon or even a cucumber and put it in their glass and of course they LOVED it. 


Then it was a matter of them drinking too much water.  LOL


Maybe that would work for the Misses?

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Glad she's back home, and wish her continued recovery as she goes through this procedure and will pray for good health  for her.

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Good news indeedd!!

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Waving HIto Cindy!!!  Glad things are getting back on track.  

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Glad to hear she's home. Thanks for the update.