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I drive a Lexus and go to thrift stores once a week . Love going and looking for things I have never seen before.  Btw, had a spent more time in the repair shop than I did driving it.  Never again.

@lovesrecess    I buy stock on weekdays.....and shop in thrifts on the weekends (!)
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Some behaviors by humans are just baffling. Period.

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Its always about the money in this country. Not suprised. I wouldnt pay 10 bucks to watch football lol. but thats just me,. I realize many love it. 

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make~ The Beatles
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Good thing we live in a free country where everyone can spend their money the way they want. Lots of things I wouldn’t think of spending my money on but if someone else wants to? Well, good for them. 

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I think some people don't have much exposure to people who are different from them.  So, they assume everyone is like them.  They don't understand that this is huge country, a rich country where most people are doing very well financially.  There's a very wide range of incomes and lifestyles in this country.  What is "expensive" to one person is not expensive to someone else.