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Why is Queen Elizabeth so tough on Meghan and Harry in removing their Youth Ambassadors roles but not as tough on her own son Prince Andrew whom I believe has the greater misstep IMO.

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@lily of the wrote:

Why is Queen Elizabeth so tough on Meghan and Harry in removing their Youth Ambassadors roles but not as tough on her own son Prince Andrew whom I believe has the greater misstep IMO.

@lily of the You are comparing apples and oranges.  I assume when you tell the Queen you are quitting, you'd expect it wasn't going to be a bed of roses.  


Really?  Walk away from your born duties?  To the country and to the family?


Andy?  That's a whole different mess and who knows what is going on with that.  Lots of complications, important and famous people, all taking a wait and see what happens attitude?  What else would you do?  But that has nothing to do with Meghan and Harry.  


Although lots of folks here like to compare it.

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Andrew was also striped of over some 200 last fall.  Same treatment I think.

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It's not an unreasonable question for an outside observer to have.


Perhaps the resident Palace Insiders can give the scoop.

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Re: Queen's toughness

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Andrew is not performing any duties at all for the "foreseeable future". He didn't quit nor has he been convicted. Harry quit. You can't have cake and eat it too. He is lucky he can keep Frogmore cottage but that is Lilibet's way of keeping the door open to come back into the family fray once he and Meg. break up. Believe when she says nice things about Meg being family...she is just being her classy self. She is furious with them. I read lolol

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@lily of the   Her Majesty needs to be strong.  In Andrew's case, that is a possible criminal charge.  He's been moved out of the palace.  The Queen is probably waiting to see if charges are filed.


As for Harry, well, I certainly understand his desire to keep his family safe, especially from the press!!!  However, he was born into this life;  he's always known his duties.  I think he must have been very torn in the decision.  However, the press will hound them no matter where they go.


As for Meghan, she knew who he was and what that meant to his family and country.  She chose to marry him anyway.


My guess is that the Queen had no other choice than to make the difficult decision.  I don't think a person can be a part time royal.  There are duties and obligations that go along with the title.


I think it's a sad situation.  Hopefully Harry won't regret his decision.

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I read a news article this morning that the Queen and Prince Charles have a meeting today to discuss the FBI's claim that Andrew was not cooperating in their investigation.


Who knows what's true though, the Queen doesn't confide in me, LOL!

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@lily of the  Andrew has ‘stepped down’ from all Royal duties for at least a year - and you can bet the Queen decided this  - not him - even though she is being seen with him now at a few public places supposedly showing us, the public, all is getting better!  


It will be interesting to see if he appears at the Trooping of the Colour Queen’s official birthday in June when RF is always expected to be out in force - I hope not.


Harry quit - totally different case so different consequences.


I think goodbye to all of them save the country some money and embarrassment just my opinion as a Brit taxpayer!


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I don't think the Queen is being tough with Harry and Meghan and not with Andrew.


Andrew has " stepped down" from his duties and is not a working Royal at this time.  If this is going to be a permanent move, he is likely to lose his working Royal salary.  He is retired from the military and will receive a pension from them for his lifetime.


Harry and Meghan has asked to be removed from their royal duties.  They no longer live in the U.K. Their goal is to make their own money and not get paid by the Queen.


I think the Queen is treating them all as they wished to be treated.  All three, Andrew, Harry and Meghan are no longer working Royals.


It looks like the Queen is still in contact with everyone and has not kicked anyone out of the family.


 Why do you think she is being tough with Harry and Meghan?