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Storing clothes for the season

How do you store your summer clothes?  I used to pack them all away in flat tubs under the bed but then I would need to wash them all again before wearing.  Now I just hang some things like fancier tops and  nice pants in a different closet and pack the rest away.  Then I switch out for winter and do the same. I think I need to thin my wardrobe since I am retired and wear fewer things over and over.....

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Re: Storing clothes for the season

My clothes, for all seasons, stay in the closet.  Summer tops on the left, winter tops on the right. Pants and jeans straight ahead.  I have a large closet. 

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Re: Storing clothes for the season

I recently made a new discovery which I intend to use.


Amazon has some very big bags with zippers made by Ikea of their blue fiberglass-like plasticy material which is pretty much indestructible.  You could probably get most of a summer wardrobe in two of these bags.  They're inexpensive, have web handles and can be pressed into different odd spaces.  They'd be water, dust and insect proof.  They could just be thrown in the bottom of a closet.


These would also be great for moving.



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Re: Storing clothes for the season

I've been retired 9 years, and all the clothes I own are in a 6 drawer dresser and on 10 clothes hangers in my husbands closet.  

My "seasonal" clothes are 5 pair of shorts, 2 tank tops, 2 long sleeve shirts and a pair of corduroy pants.   Everything else I wear until it looks bad and gets tossed in the trash.  I HATE spending money on clothes!   

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Re: Storing clothes for the season

PHOENIX:    No need to store summer clothes

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Re: Storing clothes for the season



I wash everything that I wore and have labeled plastic tubs in our full basement. 


In the next season, I don't have an issue finding anything because everything is separate and labled.

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Re: Storing clothes for the season

I don't mind too much storing summer clothes, it's the storing of winter clothes that I dread.  Storing winter clothes is time consuming because I want to insure my cashmere and wool sweaters and blazers are protected so I store them in space bags before I put them away.  Years back I would store my off season clothes in plastic tubs and put them in the attic which was a hassle.  I finally purchased long storage benches for my spare bedrooms and store most off season clothes in these benches.  Not only do they look nice they also hold a lot.  I also move summer clothes to different closets. The whole proccess sure is time consuming.  Admittedly I have way too many clothes, yet I am pretty good at donating but some things I just can't part with. 

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Re: Storing clothes for the season

Most of my stuff can be worn all year long. I usually buy things that can be layered during the cooler months. I don't store clothes away b/c I wear them year-long.

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Re: Storing clothes for the season

Some stuff is in boxes stored in bottom of closets. Some stuff is moved to the back of the closet.



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Re: Storing clothes for the season



Thanks, just bought them and will be here tomorrow.  Will fit my needs for more than summer clothes.