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Still no stimulus and no federal assistance for our small business. 

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join club.


I gave up

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It's NOT considered income!


Not receiving one anyway!

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Ok, some advice here. When I go to the My Payment and type in  the SSN it says its wrong. What am I doing wrong here?  I keep typing the number in and I get error msg.

@KKJ make sure you enter only the numbers. Do NOT include the dashes. 

I included dashes in my SS # and it worked.


And I didn't include dashes, and it still didn't work.  I know I'm typing everything correctly, but it comes up as not matching their records.  

I got that message and then a couple of days later it showed the date they were mailing the check. I still think they have some glitches. You only need your ss#, date of birth, street address and zip code. Did it say what didn't match, if not they are still processing information. Remember this is the Government!!


Oh, I know!  I'm not worried.  Clearly there are glitches all over.


No, it didn't say what doesn't match.  Everything I entered was correct.  When I first started trying, I was getting a different message.  Then days later, it switched to that one.  I'm sure it will get straightened out.  I assume the system is overloaded and things didn't go exactly according to plan.  I'm fine with waiting.

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Got mine DD today funny thing is the check status on IRS site still says it'll update a date when they'll deposit it. There's glitches for sure just glad I finally got it.
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Prayers have been answered !!!!


Ours is coming Wed. !!!!!!!!!!!


hallelujah !

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Happy for you!Smiley Happy

Mine was in bank April 30th!


preds 06-21-20
"Always be thankful andyou'll have more than you know."
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Am still waiting on mine and get the message "information doesn't match our records"  regarding SSN #, even though I type it correctly.

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Pay bills.  Don't have the luxury of going on a shopping spree.



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Re: Stimulus Check

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ng@comedy clubber wrote:

Smart people will pay off debt or add money to savings. The 'all knowing" and all s tupid Suze Orman said SPEND IT.  How can anyone offer such ill advice?


@comedy clubber   Suzy Orman did not say spend the money as you stated.   Where on earth do you get your information????Good grief...   


One thing she said:

“Try as much as you can to hold on to as much of these checks as you possibly can until everything is lifted and you can have a regular paycheck coming in again,” Orman said.