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Strange !

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nothing yet for myself, or my children, or my s/o, or my ex.

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Re: Stimulus Check

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Nothing on this side either.

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I still get Payment Status Not Available. They are doing a maintenance on the site April 23rd, 24th and 25th. The site will be down from 10 PM ET to 1 AM ET. Maybe, we will get more information. 


I am on Social Security and filed my 2019 taxes. I didn't owe anything and didn't get a refund. So who knows what is happening.




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Not here yet either. 

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My oldest sister who is on SS said that she's supposed to get hers tomorrow according to the IRS website.

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STILL don't have my $1,200!!!Smiley Mad



Yes, I filed electronically!


Yes, they have my automatic deposit info!


I mean eff! They were able to deposit my tax refund, so what's the effin hold up?!Smiley Mad

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I don't have mine yet either they have my DD info. I do owe I deferred till July 15th maybe that's why. I was hoping they'd just take what I owe out of stimulus and deposit the rest makes sense to me I only owe 490.00 maybe they'll wait till July to do anything.
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Re: Stimulus Check

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A lot of people said they were able to log in to the Get My Payment link on the IRS website, but wondered why they kept getting the error message: "Payment Status Not Available."


The IRS said there could be a few reasons for that message. One of the big ones to note, if a person filed their 2019 tax return, the IRS may not have finished processing it, which could cause a delay....



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My coworker changed banks so she wasn't expecting hers until September but she got a paper check Monday but it's postmarked for the 24th. So tomorrow it is offically hers.