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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

The receipt checking thing irritates me...a lot!  There is no way they are checking for duplicates or missed could they even tell, they spend barely 10 seconds looking at the receipt.

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

It doesn't bother me in the slightest.



It's only takes a few moments for them to check my receipt and purchases.




It isn't that big of a deal.



I mean, if people are that upset over something that takes a few moments, then show your displeasure by shopping somewhere else.



People know going in to Sam's Club/Costco, that they'll have their receipt and stuff checked on the way out.




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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

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@agb80 wrote:

I don't mind if the exit police (love it) check my purchases which they scan in two places - once on the receipt and then on one of the items....why I have no idea.  I accidentally stole something last time when I went through the self checkout lane,  One of my items was shoved in between the front grill of the cart and a box of something else.  I did not see it when I scanned my things and I was stunned to see it when I was unloading everything into my car.  If I hadn't been so far away from the entrance and if it hadn't been for fear of covid with the crowds of people there that day....I would have gone back.  But instead, I rode off into the sunset....a silent thief as it were.  Woman Frustrated

@agb80 I had a similar thing happen to me. I bought a waterproof vinyl mattress pad at Walmart. The package was small and thin.  I'd put it in the seat section of my basket and stupidly put my handbag on top.


Went through self-check and forgot it was under my purse.  Got to the car, unpacked my stuff, picked up my purse and panicked! I FLEW back to the door, pushing that rickety cart so fast it was bouncing and skipping over uneven pavement and potholes.


Burst through the doors, ran to the person near the registers and tried to catch my breath while explaining what happened.  She chuckled, assured me it was ok and I went through the self-check again.


Why the panic? Because our Walmart is notorious for prosecuting shoplifters, no excuses EVER accepted here.  The person is arrested, taken away and shamed when their names appear in bold print in our local newspaper.


In addition, as a public school teacher, I'd have very likely lost my job.  It happened that way to another teacher in my district.  The contract is worded in such a way that the district has all the rights in this situation and there is no recourse for the teacher.  It's the teacher's word against WM and they've been through this countless times.  I'm sure everyone claims they're innocent.  I truly feel sorry for those who really did make a mistake and were found guilty.

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

Our local Costco, just takes

the receipt and runs a line with a marker on it and hands it back.


Our local Sams Club studies the receipt.  They count the items and then rescan one item in the cart with a handheld device.


A few years ago, my granddaughter and I went to Sams Club to get a precooked chicken.  We also browsed  and my GD found a book she wanted and we got a few more things .  I paid for all the items and when we got out to the car. I remembered that we forgot to get the chicken. 

So back we went. I had my GD remove the price sticker on the book while we were at the car.  We walked into the store and she had her nose in the book and had already started to read it.  I grabbed a chicken, paid for it and when I got to the door, I handed the lady my receipt for the chicken.


She immediately said, " you have to pay for that book too." My GD told her I already paid for the book a few minutes ago.  Then the door lady demanded to see the receipt.


So, here I am, dumping out my handbag and turning my pockets inside out looking for it.  I asked her to check their records but she refused.


Finally, after what seems like an eternity, I found it and handed it to her.  You should have seen the look of disappointment on her face.  She was high just thinking she caught a thief in the act.


As we walked back to the car, my GD mentioned that the lady was weird and so excited when I couldn't find the receipt.  The poor girl thought she was going to go to jail for shoplifting.


I know for sure that Sams checks for thief and errors.


Our Walmart only checks the receipt for something is not in a bag.  They catch a lot of shoplifters.  I can check the police reports and see how many there are.  It is pretty shocking.


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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

Our Costco barely looks at or touches the receipt. We don't even stop. Just walk slow, hold up receipt and get waved on. They wouldn't know what you are holding up.

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

Sometimes they don’t even check, they just wave me out

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

About 6 mths ago DH and I did self check out on a huge cart of stuff and I tied all the bags.  Close to end of our checkout some odd code appeared on register for a $3 item.  Immediately 3 associates spent 20 minutes tearing apart my cart of checked items and never found the problem.  I was steaming!  As soon as I got home I called manager and complained ( obviously no associate is empowered to make a simple decision to not do this ).  I asked for a $10 gift card for the hassle and got it!  

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

The Walmart near me stopped the practice when they got rid of their greeters.  Costco still does it (I think)  I haven't been in a Costco or Walmart in over 2 years. 

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

Doesn't bother me.  They generally count the stuff to make sure it matches what's on the receipt.  Big deal.  

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

Many moons ago when DS was only around 3 or 4 years old we were stopped on the way out of a local store-this was long before BJ's, Sams, etc. were popping up.


He was holding his favorite stuffed puppy dog and the big bad store police stopped us and demanded where did he get this toy??


It had it's shirt obviously resewn to the body as well as an arm obviously restitched to the body and one eye missing (fell off in the car lol)  It was as flat (almost) as a pancake from being held so close.  I held it up and asked if this was the quality of stuffed animals sold here. 


Now keep in mind this over-zealous employee actually stopped us going in the store-claimed we couldn't bring in a toy since it could considered stolen on the way out.  I ignored him.


So here we have a police-wannabe seeing a well-used toy going in the store and asking for proof of purchase leaving.


Darwin would be proud.


I think he was just ticked off I had ignored him and tried to embarrass me.


And yes, DS still has that stuffed puppy stored away.  LOL

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