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Showing receipt at store exit

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Here’s an excerpt from an article I saw on


The Real Reason Sam's Club and Costco Check Your Receipts

 It's not to check for theft.

By Zee Krstic Updated November 13, 2018


I don't know about you, but I've always assumed the store employees checking receipts at the door are making sure customers aren't smuggling things out in their shopping carts.

Contrary to popular belief, especially at wholesale retailers like Costco and Sam's Club, the "Exit Greeter" (which is industry speak for the employee who will ask for your receipt) is actually there to help save you money. Mind blown, right? But the argument is this: The EG is checking your receipt for duplicate charges or for missed promotions, and if an error occurs, will help you get a refund as swiftly and smoothly as possible.


Who are they trying to kid??  What a bunch of baloney!  The only time they check my receipt is when I have something not bagged when I leave.  If I have an unpacked gallon of milk, they stop me, look at my receipt to see that the milk is listed and say ok and (sometimes) thank you.  They don’t look at my receipt long enough to see if I’m overcharged for anything or missed a promotion.  All they want to know is that I’m not trying to steal a lousy gallon of milk.

So I’ve started putting everything in bags…milk, soda, potatoes, whatever.  I am using my own bags so I don’t unnecessarily use plastic bags.  If something doesn’t fit, I use 2 bags.

One time one of the exit police started pawing through all my groceries, looking for some item.  He smashed some hamburger buns in the process and I finally had to tell him to get his hands off my food.

I don’t mind showing my receipt because they’re just doing their job, but please don’t insult my intelligence by saying you’re just trying to help me.  And keep your hands off my stuff!


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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

I read that also, who are they trying to kid. My local regular Walmart did the check for awhile, and an employee told me I was checked because of  my big bags of pet food. I never thought for a moment that it was for my benefit.

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

that cannot be true....they dont look at the receipt hardly at all so how would they really know if you were double charged for a carton of milk if it is at the bottom of your cart beneath everything else? at sams club they sometimes scan a few items with their little guns to make sure they were paid for.

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

I assumed it was to be sure big ticket items were on the receipt and bottom of basket items.

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

I've had the EG at Costco actually count the items in my cart. And, if I have a large order, they will move things all around the cart. 

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

At Costco, my receipt shows number of items purchased and I've seen the EG count every one.

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

I find it annoying to wait in line in order to leave Costco. BUT I will say they found a mistake on my friend's receipt in her favor a couple years ago. 

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

@caroln242 you are correct. I had a neighbor who was hired at the beginning of the year to check receipts at the exit at Walmart.


They were checking for theft. If everything was in bags you were free to just walk out.  If you had a gallon of milk or a bag of dog food in the cart unbagged they were to stop you and check the receipt.


He lost the job after covid hit. We haven't had anyone at the exits for months now. Rarely see a store greeter either.


He only did the job for few weeks and hated it.  He said he was told off regularly by angry customers. He stocks shelves now.

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

I don't mind if the exit police (love it) check my purchases which they scan in two places - once on the receipt and then on one of the items....why I have no idea.  I accidentally stole something last time when I went through the self checkout lane,  One of my items was shoved in between the front grill of the cart and a box of something else.  I did not see it when I scanned my things and I was stunned to see it when I was unloading everything into my car.  If I hadn't been so far away from the entrance and if it hadn't been for fear of covid with the crowds of people there that day....I would have gone back.  But instead, I rode off into the sunset....a silent thief as it were.  Woman Frustrated

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Re: Showing receipt at store exit

It's unpleasant. My initial reaction is to get tense, like I'm being accused of something even though, rationally, I know I'm not.


They have RFID technology. I don't understand why they don't just program their inventory system more efficiently to keep track of items and compare gathered items against the purchases associated with the card -- as the person with the card and the goods passes through check out and gets close to the exit doors. Only send in the bouncer/inventory checker if there's a huge mismatch.

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