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Agree.  Sandra is so refreshing and easy on the eyes.

Just curious, has she ever sold cookware with David Venable?

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@MomCat wrote:

I like anyone who is able to focus on the product being sold and cut the nonsense.  This gal does just that.  You ladies making opposite comments must use QVC as your entertainment instead of a shopping channel.   

Bingo, and the Q sure hopes it's your entertainment too! SB is harmless enough, but to me she's boring and so phony, especially the way she greets and pats the vendors.I can't imagine with the way these hosts perform that viewers do not consider them entertainment. Amy Stran was actually an actress on a soap opera at one time and others were news anchors and weather people.

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@Puzzle Piece wrote:

I think she's lovely.  Much more so than that LR was or ever will be.  Very well spoken. 

100% AGREE!!!

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Love Sandra Bennett or "Mrs. Bennett" as dubbed by Isaac Mizrahi. Literary allusions and al.  Sandra is calm, interesting, poised, classy,exlains the product vey well and never talks over the designer ot the rep.

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I miss Kathy Levine and Lisa Robertson. I enjoy Carolyn, Mary Beth, and a few of the guys.

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very polished !

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Yes she is one of the best host, very pleasant  to listen to, I don't need to hear all about all of the places  they have been how great they are let's  stay on the product  unlike  Amy, From Clarks  shoes  she is the worst, it's  all about her not Clarks. 

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This post should be in Suggestion Box. The powers-that-be need to see how popular Sandra is with so many viewers, and they should use her more often!

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Re: Sandra Bennett

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@Puzzle Piece wrote:

I think she's lovely.  Much more so than that LR was or ever will be.  Very well spoken. 

Praise for Sandra has exactly nothing to do with Lisa Robertson. It really IS possible to commend someone without disparaging someone else in the process...


Personally, I find Sandra to be a bit on the bland side. She doesn't tend to hold my interest. That said, she is completely capable and often does a nice, understated, job.

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@nana59 wrote:

Sandra is such a refreshing change from so many of the female fast talking, no yelling, no interrupting the vendor, no over-the-top antics, no made-up words, no inappropriate behavior, no constant talk about family......kudos to her........

I totally agree.  She is not out to be QVC's "queen," she just does her job.  She's a pleasure to watch.


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