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Sandra is such a refreshing change from so many of the female fast talking, no yelling, no interrupting the vendor, no over-the-top antics, no made-up words, no inappropriate behavior, no constant talk about family......kudos to her........

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Super post, and so apt!  Sandra has been just lovely, from day one.  I so agree with you!  Smiley Happy   DM Tiara

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I agree. Enjoy Sandra and her presentations. Actually one of the few hosts I watch.......

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Frankly she puts me to sleep.

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@Karnerblue wrote:

Frankly she puts me to sleep.

Isn't it nice there's something for everyone.

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@Karnerblue wrote:

Frankly she puts me to sleep.

Me too! She is the most bland, boring host...and then the gulping when she talks. I turn it off when she hosts. 

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I like Sandra, and enjoy her presentations. 

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She is one of my favorites, too! Really like watching her. 

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iluvhandbags, then you must love Frenetic Rick Smiley Happy

Sorry, just had to say it.  He is cute, but man, slow down.


Sandra does a very good job.

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I think she's lovely.  Much more so than that LR was or ever will be.  Very well spoken. 

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