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I guess I don't need the host to be high energy, jumping all over the place and talking over the vendors. I like Sandra Bennett and also Jennifer Coffey. There are some of the established hosts I like as well, but these two ladies are refreshing to watch.




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Re: Sandra Bennett

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Love watching her!  One of the better and more knowledgeable hosts.  

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I also enjoy Sandra.  She is plesant and seems genuine.

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Luv her.

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Classy Lady!

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I like anyone who is able to focus on the product being sold and cut the nonsense.  This gal does just that.  You ladies making opposite comments must use QVC as your entertainment instead of a shopping channel.   

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@nana59 wrote:

Sandra is such a refreshing change from so many of the female fast talking, no yelling, no interrupting the vendor, no over-the-top antics, no made-up words, no inappropriate behavior, no constant talk about family......kudos to her........

Well said!

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I agree with all of the positive comments about Sandra Bennett.  She is a very classy lady.  Very well-spoken.  Enthusiastic about products without being over the top.  One of my favorite hosts.  I don't want all of the over the top presentations.  I find her one of the most sincere hosts.  Especially love her with Louis Dell'Olio.  She really appreciates his design esthetic but also likes the more modern styles that are presented on QVC.  I trust her comments about all of the products she present.

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@Puzzle Piece wrote:

I think she's lovely.  Much more so than that LR was or ever will be.  Very well spoken. 


Why the need to say something negative about LR? This isn't about her.

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I agree with the nice posts about Sandra!