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Hi I am from NY but have vacationed in New England many times in my life, in fact I got to spend a week on Martha's Vineyard this past Summer, definitely a bucket list item



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Are you from Mass.?  I'm in Western MA & rotaries are notorius in this state.  Some are not as bad as others but no matter which one, there are always terrible drivers.  Need to have our eyes front/back & side/side especially when there are several entry ways onto the rotary.  


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There is a town near me where I like to shop, that has a new shopping center, and the whole thing is full of round a abouts. We have a few of them in our small town, but good grief, the new shopping center I was so excited to have close, is just ridiculous.

I don't like them and honestly, I don't think people no how to use them, I try to stay out.

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This one city has lots of them. It took me a bit to get used to. So the next time I visited, I had it down pat.

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The only problem I have w/round abouts is the curb in the circle part.  I don't know why they don't paint those things a reflective yellow.  It is very hard to see that curb at night.

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@bonnielu, these are springing up everywhere.   We just thought that the government gave out to much money for road construction and it needed to be used up as in use it or lose it.  Luckily, I have not heard of any accidents because of them, but I don't think too many people are experienced in driving around one.  I grew up with them and then they were eliminated.  I had not seen one in years, except in New England, until they started putting them on Sint Maarten, where we had a home.  Now, they are all over.  Luckily, you were not hit.  Keep your eyes open.

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Re: Roundabouts

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I have a couple in my busy neighborhood.

REALLY eases the rush-hour traffic.


If one can read a traffic sign, it’s not difficult.

If someone causes an accident in a circle,

chances are they would also ignore a Stop sign, so....

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@haddon9 - I grew up and learned to drive in NJ - we had "circles" everywhere. Never seemed like a big deal to me, maybe because I learned to drive on them.


They are now putting "roundabouts" in many areas of SC - whoa, they seem to confuse many people and most don't yield at that BIG YELLOW triangle sign, lol.


BTW, I'll take a circle any day over drivng the GSP!

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In these days and time when so many seem to go out of their way to be nasty and rude - this is not a solution.  If others don't yield the right of way when they are supposed to - this is a disaster.

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I hate getting honked at for not jumping in fast enough. Hate that.

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I do know someone who has used one once and kept going around the circle a couple times, she didn't know how to turn out of it.  LOL  Those are the people who need to stay away.