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I deserve a prize!

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I think I have hit every single online shopping and delivery issue you can have in the past two months.  Top this!



1.  Macys sends my order to FL and I get someone else's order delivered to me in GA.


2.  UPS misdelivers two packages to a stranger down the street who was nice enough to walk them over one Saturday and save me a second headache.


3.  UPS loses one of my QVC orders and it's sold out and never to be found again.  


4.  Online charity site order was confirmed via email four days ago.  Never got shipping confirmation.  Upon lookup, order number doesn't exist.  No one ordered anything.


Smiley Very Happy  Do you guys have any idea how much I am going to drink once the holidays get here?  I am not doing any online shopping after October again.  


I have one Secret Santa gift left to get and he's getting a gift card I can pick up while I grocery shop and can take with me in my purse and into my car and back home safe and sound.  




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You win!

Sorry for your trials.


I don't order much online but my neighbors do.

I get tired of finding their packages on my doorstep so I put a big sign on my door that says "LOOK UP" with an arrow pointing up.


My address is very plainly marked above my door frame.

It's not dainty.   It's visible from the street.   But no one wants to look up.

So far so good.

I'll probably take the sign down after Christmas.


I know something like that won't solve your problem.

But it solved mine.



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Re: I deserve a prize!

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🥂 enjoy


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@Laura14:  Wow! You most certainly deserve a prize...and that extra cup of eggnog! Smiley Tongue

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You guys aren't helping.  I desperately want to give my trophy away.  Smiley Very Happy

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Well toot your own horn Ms Laura @Laura14!!!  I thought this was going to be a good post from & for you but HOLY MOOSE POOP I feel your holiday whoas for sure!


Here's a couple of my suggestions for a better season next year - buy through the year so  you're finished by September at the very latest. Or choose to not go through any of this ie skip the buying altogether.


Truthfully, I hope all of these problems can somehow work themselves out for you and receivers.



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@Laura14 - Ooh, with the mishaps you've had, you might want to break open that bottle now - Riley1

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@Laura14  Well, hopefully the trophy will be in another's hands soon.


Personally, fingers crossed, I have one last online purchase that I was just notified will be here by close of business tomorrow.  (Part of it is a birthday gift needed just before Christmas.  The other is for a hostess gift for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.)


This year seems to have produced more shipping and delivery and theft problems than I recall hearing about in prior years.


I try to have all my holiday purchases, especially online, completed well before the end of November.  Tried to always do this for many years, even before there was online option--old days could order only by phone or mail for catalogue purchases, and some brick and mortar stores.


You and some others have referenced changes at some places concerning customer service.  I am dealing with one organization right now over several months--that has nothing to do with buying something--that has zero stars for clarity, availability to the querent, respectful attitude-- and I'm making another attempt today to resolve an issue that is vital for me.


Peace, health, and prosperity to you and all of us for the rapidly approaching 2019.

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For Heaven's sake start drinking NOW!!! You've earned it.

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@Laura14 .....I also buy very little on line but unlike you...everything has arrived on time and in good condition, sorry about your luck or lack of it.


I will join you in partaking of an adult beverage or two (whiskey slush) over the holiday.....