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Roundabouts are getting popular in our area.  They seem to be replacing traffic lights.  We are rather rural and some had a bright idea we would be better off with them.  In any case we had an issue last night.  Someone almost hit us in one.  We were fully in and going half around.  They were coming in the other direction going 3/4th  around to the other side.  Heavy heavy traffic during rush hour.  Wondering if anyone has some advice on right away.  I would think common courtesy should rule.  



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I call them "traffic circles" and they are useful in some low traffic intersections. Big problem when so many do not seem to know how to use them. Worse than 4-way stops.

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I would think that roundabouts would take a little while to become accustomed to driving in.  They sound kind of scary.  

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I have no advice except to yield to other traffic when you see that sign. Other than that, I absolutely hate the roundabouts! I'll take a straight road with a stop sign or traffic light anytime!

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I drove somewhere yesterday that didn't have a roundabout last time I was there.  Wound up taking the wrong turn and realized I was on the wrong road so had to turn around and back track.  This road was fine the way it was before so don't know why they think it's better now.  It was dangerous, had to give lots of cars the right of way before I could go. 

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It’s not just common courtesy, otherwise you get drivers’ individual opinions of “courtesy”. One driver’s rude behavior is another driver’s sense of right of way. Uh oh. 


There is an excellent video of the RULES of roundabouts, not the impressions of who goes first. We encounter challenges and peculiar yielding or near misses to avoid accidents because there is not enough education on managing roundabout procedures. 


Ten minutes of viewing the rules and the examples and recognizing proper signage will make you much more relaxed and confident. No matter how much you think you know about common sense and courtesy behind the wheel (and I’m not doubting skill and experience count as much as mature behavior) learning the obligations and formalities will be of benefit.  Those in the know make it right for everyone; those who drive feeling they are “righteous” about right of way, may induce hazards roundabouts are intended to avoid. 


Give this 10 minute video some attention:


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I call them bumper-car fender-benders.  Hate them.  At least with a 4 way stop you take turns and drivers are looking in one direction -  straight ahead.  Circles or are coming all directions - some entering the circle and some leaving the circle and each driver is looking 'somewhere'.  Left - right or perhaps straight ahead.  Then the issue of speed can be an issue.

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Our first experience with a roundabout was with one outside of Boston when we went on a trip about 15 years ago. It was a nightmare trying to get in with so much traffic going around it.  We have since had a couple put in our area. Luckily we have a lot less traffic here so they aren’t as hard to maneuver into. 

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They are also called a Rotary in Massachusetts

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Personally I don't understand what the problem with roundabouts is.  It's a circle!  Everyone should be going in the same direction, which is clockwise.  You enter the circle when there isn't a car to your immediate left and exit right when you have reached the direction you wish to go.  Easy Peasy!