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Handling Fees are a Rip-Off!!!


When things look too good to be true, they usually are.


I got an email from Fiesta announcing free shipping with any order. Knowing that their shipping can be pricey because their dishes are quite heavy, I figured I'd pick up a few pieces I was interested in.


I put three items in my cart and saw that although they are offering free shipping, they are adding on a $4.95 handling fee. So, goodbye free shipping and hello handling fee.


They can take their dishes...well you know the rest. I didn't NEED them but I thought it would be nice to get a few dishes in their newest color.


It's not the $4.95; it's definitely the principle of it! I'll go to Kohl's and buy them when they're on sale.


I know I pay handling fees for theater tickets and other venues, but I don't think I ever paid handling for items like this. What do you think about handling fees?

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Re: Handling Fees are a Rip-Off!!!

I think it pays to read the fine print.  How many times have I gotten junk email loudly proclaiming free shipping, only to read in fine print that it applies only to orders over $100.  It's a turn-off, no doubt about that.

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Re: Handling Fees are a Rip-Off!!!

The fee is usually referred to as shipping and handling and includes both.

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Re: Handling Fees are a Rip-Off!!!

The handling fee is for the packaging and with dishes proper packaging is important.  You can't just throw them in a box so in order to make money it seems like it would be necessary.  The shipping would be a cost above that so you still are getting free shipping.  Often times the shipping is cheaper than the cost to package it.

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Re: Handling Fees are a Rip-Off!!!

What exactly does handling cover? It is the labor and material to pack it? It seems like most things are prepackaged, and all they have to do is create a label ,and maybe slip it in another container for protection