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I will never use again.  Great idea but boy does it ever stain the toilet bowl.

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i have it sitting in all of my bathrooms for everyone to use.

have never had it stain my toilet bowls......i spray it into the water.

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Hmm.   Never had a problem with staining, either.

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So far I’ve  not had a problem with stains,  I use the original citrus one in the rv toilet.

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My bottles leaked and the liquid dripped on my fingers before it got into the bowl and the original scent was nauseating....worse than the smell of poo. 

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There goes our #1 gift idea.

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Never had it stain. Works great!

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They have been showing a commercial on t.v. recently for another one of these kinds of products.  Don't remember the name but it shows a person actually sitting on the "throne" and holding the bottle and discussing it!  There are various scents to choose from!  

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@Kachina624 wrote:

There goes our #1 gift idea.



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It has never caused staining for me either.  In fact it actually prevents any staining from occuring.