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Got a platinum and it is still going strong. I can use any K cup which is on sale anywhere. I am not going to rush to get a model that ONLY takes specially coded cups. I don't have the time to cut the tops off, paste them so the machine recognizes them. (the workaround).

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I have the 2.0 and I love problems so far....have had it since the TSV...I bought the stainless steel carafe knowing full well the plastic one would not keep coffee hot...however I have yet to make a carafe of coffee....I guess I should try it to make sure it works...

I will keep the box it arrived in just in case there is a problem going forward...

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I am sitting down as I type this on a cold Saturday morning wanting my morning coffee, but safely my kuerig of 3 months will not work. Just got the 2 .0 as my previous keurig died after less than a year. This was what the co sent me. I only want 1-2cups of coffee a day. I don't need this huge machine with a carafe I will never use. I really want a cup of coffee that is larger than 10 oz. I love the convenience of the kuerig but I am tired of these problems. This is probably my third machine so I am not new. Won't get another, but will be calling them today.Nice I don't have to return the whole machine just the k cup part. I actually came on line this morning to find what people like for other coffee makers. Good luck if you decide to get. It's very big on my counter. Shopping girl
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I've never had one fail so I am a fan. I've had my 2.0 since August.

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I need a new Keurig but don't want to buy the 2.0 because of all the bad reviews and the problems with it accepting regular k-cups. If you check online, there are a lot of bad reviews out there from all over the place.

I was debating between the K70 on Q and a Cuisinart. I ended up buying the Cuisinart. It has good reviews. It retails for more than the K70 but I waited for it to go on sale and I had a coupon so I didn't pay much more than I would for the K70.