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Re: Returning to Normal Schedule in November?

@chrystaltree wrote:

I hope so because I sick to death of all the whining over it.  Good grief.  It's ridiculous because the people who are whining over it don't buy anything during the wee hours, it's just a comfy night light for them.  It doesn't matter to me, I sleep at night........

 Yes @chrystaltree , I fully understand it is all about you. I'm so glad you know nothing is sold in the wee hours. So you feel people who are up at night need the comfort of QVC hosts, much like those who have service dogs to cope with their anxiety. Now I fully understand QVC's reasoning with your superb insight into online shopping!

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Re: Returning to Normal Schedule in November

@AuntG wrote:

Great news! I'm sick of those TSV reruns. You'd think they would sell out by 6am each day.

How many people do you think are up shopping at 3:00am?


Obviously it's more than I think or QVC would have done this a long time ago, but if you think everything would be sold out between midnight at 6:00, it must be way less than you think.

I'd be very curious to know the average numbers of viewers and sales by the hour.

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Re: Returning to Normal Schedule in November?

I am neutral on this topic. Between The Q and HSN reruns, I usually find something worth watching. 



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Re: Returning to Normal Schedule in November?

I sent a letter to Mike George and perhaps others did as well.  Im hoping the short lived re-runs will never come back.   Many of us keep QVC on all night long even while sleeping and catch a glimpse or two during the night if we wake up.

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Re: Returning to Normal Schedule in November?

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Some do have health and or sleep issues which does keep them awake off and on during the night. There are also people who work the overnight shift who do their shopping then so-yes I am sure the programs that repeat over and over all night are irritating . I watched the same exact presentation of Isaac Mizrahi’s tsv and David’s Down Home 3+ consecutive times overnight tonight. They could at least change up the shows instead of showing the same darn ones over and over. I finally switched to Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.  Even those reruns are better than watching the same tsv for 3-4 hours in a row.