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It's bad enough you have to try to sidestep the folks soliciting your $$$ OUTSIDE the grocery store doors (car washes, sending the high school band to florida, girl scout cookies, this charity, that benefit) now your assaulted INSIDE the home improvement stores as well. Yes, assaulted is too strong a word but y'all know what I mean. And I do realize they're only doing what they're taught to do to get that sale. Maybe they don't like having to be so persistant but hey, baby needs a new pair of shoes.

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@Marp wrote:

My stock answer for relentless sales people is:  What part of no/not interested don't you understand?

@Marp  This is the other one I use (in addition saying nothing and just walking away).

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Holy cow people-we just smile and say "No thank you" and keep walking-we don't even stop.


Why be rude?  They are just trying to earn a living.  It must be more difficult for them to deal with you than it is for you to just smile and say "No" and keep walking on.


I could see if they were following y'all around the store.


If it's such a problem, tell management and refuse to shop there anymore.


Yes, that'll show 'em.


Yeesh already.

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Re: Relentless Sales People

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I normally don't have a problem with this. I just say no thank you and keep walking. The only time I've been given a hard time is a skincare kiosk at the mall. He approached me and I said no thanks and kept walking. He kept talking and walking beside me and I said no thanks again. This didn't stop him so I stopped, turned around and looked him straight in the eyes and asked quietly" do you want me to start screaming for you to leave me alone?' He muttered something very uncomplimentary and walked away. I was a bit shaken but I forced my self to laugh at him out loud as he walkie away. Whenever I pass that kiosk now, nobody bothers me.

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