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Last year I decided to finally clear out a lot of the paper materials I used for training seminars: handouts, printed material for master and conferee binders, huge flip charts created for different courses, etc.  I could have put all this out over time into my home trash recycle bin, but...


Took all the paper to my local church's recycle been where it will be shredded and recycled into wallboard, etc.  The church will get money from the materials in the collection dumpsters.   My office gets downsized and I get  room for my next project.

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hey there are some great tips and tricks in this thread...............................raven

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This might be the best thread to ask whether any of you have had any actual experience with finding places that accept Styrofoam-type packing materials (mostly blocks and sheets).


I've been researching local schools, etc. but nobody seems to want it.  I did find a place online, but I'd have to pack it up and send it two states away.


So far the pieces are still sitting in my garage because I refuse to add them to a landfill (and that is the only option my local garbage/recycling company has for this material).


(It just occurred to me an arts and crafts class or group might be interested.  I'll check that next week.)

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Re: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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@GingerPeach those have been a big contention of mine and a thorn in my recyling/reusing self, lol. Fortunately most things that use this type of thing are using more recycleable friendly products but occasionally we still get the regular ol' styrafoam and I still have ours too. I remember awhile back a person posted that a local kindergarten or arts and crafts class (like you mentioned) took them for projects. I can't remember all the details, sorry. I'm still looking in my area... Good luck!

ETA: just found this information. Haven't read through it all but maybe it will help:



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Thanks, @HappyDaze


Fingers crossed for both of us.

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I never let the dishwasher go through the dry cycle, always open the door after the last rinse and let the steam out.  Glasses are not covered in spots!


I rarely use the dryer either.  Clothes are hung outside year round.  I have Sunshine clothes lines that literally spin in the breeze and the whole thing folds up like an umbrella and can be taken out of the ground when your not using it. 


I drive long distances much of the time as opposed to flying because planes are wicked when it comes to pollution.  Worse than SUVs.