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I won't pretend to like it. I see Qurate using QVC to cannibalize HSN.It's hard to watch.Just shut it down already.

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to me it seems like at least so far, the hsn brands that come to qvc are hsn's best selling brands.


and brands that go to hsn are ones that have been over played here. perhaps to get hsn only customers to venture to qvc.


as my mother would say "who knows, who cares"

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@PBGV   I just saw Judith Ripka selling her jewelry that mixes real stones and diamonique on HSN. 

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@Wilma7500 wrote:


I understand what you are saying. Since we are seeing some of the same vendors and brands on both channels it does seem a bit repetitive. I think the individuality of the channels as they were has diminished. I wonder if sharing vendors will become even more common in the future eventually resulting in one network. 



^^^ This.



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I don't like it.  I feel like the vendors showing up on both are the vendors I have the least interest in like Andrew Lessmen, the Goat Herders, and My Pillow.  My PIllow has also turned up on Evine so I guess he is on all 3.


I am sad some hosts I liked have left seemingly abruptly and guests like Wolfgang Puck seem less and less.


I wonder how long they will be clearing out Joy merchandise?  They must have 82 warehouses of that stuff!  LOL

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I totally think it is ridiculous tohave both channels selling the same thing!!