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Happened to many people.

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How did you get your issue resolved?  Same thing is happening to me now.  $100 gift card stolen and just getting the run around from QVC.  QVC tells you to call cash star and cash star tells you to call QVC.  I don't get my $100 back that someone stolen from me I will NEVER buy anything from QVC.  This is the worst customer service I have ever NOT gotten!  They are trying to say I gave my gift card to this stranger!! But they refuse to tell me who this person is.  SUCH A JOKE!  If QVC is having a problem with their "third party vendor" for gift cards, that should be their problem NOT mine!! 


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I have the same problem..contacted Cash Star who handles QVC gift cards..absolutely NO help..Each time I called they said it’s a QVC issue...I call QVC ( if you can ever get thru took days ) and they said I wasn’t the only one & they would forward this to Corporate...the card was purchased by my 90 year old Mother for my BDay..

needless to say NO One has ever contacted me or my Mother..this is a total scam..& from what I read in the blogs it’s been going on for years !!!

My Mother , bless her heart, called her credit card register a far nothing has happened..from any of the above...this was purchased the beginning of July ..DON’T buy QVC gift cards...!