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About 3 months ago I decided to call QVC to see if gift cards expired.


CS told me no they don't.  I gave them the numbers from 3 cards and they gave me the amounts and said they were all good.


I just decided to use them to buy some gold jewelry, I figured what they hay, I've had some of them for maybe 2 or so years!


Well, I used one for $75 and that worked but the other two for $30 and $50 have been used!


They still had the pin number covered up!  I had to scratch it off to try to use it!  How could they have been used and who would have used them?  


Mine wouldn't go through without the pin number?  I'd taken a felt tip pin and wrote the amount of each on on the front of it when I'd called QVC.


This is interesting.  How could they have been used without giving out the pin number anyway.


THIS is why I'll never use another QVC gift card.  They were given to me by family and friends.  


I never bothered to use them because it's such a pain and I order everything automatically without talking to a person.


Oh!  Well!  I know I've never used the things.  Go really bothers me though.....

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@Annabellethecat66...that stinks....I wonder if QVC can track the gift card via it's number?  I would certainly call and ask.

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Get the mods involved, @Annabellethecat66.  Can you edit your title?

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@Mom2Dogs Probably not...But I am right, aren't I?  How could the cards be used if the pin number was totally covered up?


I even had a hard time uncovering the pin numbers on the cards.  I was afraid I was going to scratch off the pin numbers.


One card was for $30 and the other was for $50.  The one I used was for $75.


I guess I'll never know.  I've never used a gift card that I didn't have to recite the pin number....just doesn't make sense.


I thought maybe the first person had taken down the huge numbers incorrectly, but when I gave it to the CS girl she took down the same numbers and said they'd been used.


Again, I'll never use a QVC gift card again.  It's $80 but $80 is chump change, right?


I remember my friend gave me the $75 gift card maybe 2 Christmases ago and my daughters gave me the other two cards, at least 2 years ago.


But they both specifically said 'they'd been USED'.  Whatever.

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@tansy I called customer service so I don't think the mods can do anything.


Doesn't matter.  What's done is done.  It just stinks.

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maybe your daughters used the gift cards by mistake.  Maybe they were applied to their accounts by mistake  and they didn't know that and they gave them to you.

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@Annabellethecat66 give CS another call. Everything in retail is computerized, they should be able to tell you what day they were used and even what was bought. I spent my whole life in retail and only retired 16 months ago so I'm not that far removed from what goes on in that business. There is a huge market for stolen gift cards and the card itself doesn't have to be stolen. Professional thieves now have devices that can scan the card and get the info off the back. Not sure if it also gets the pin. QVC gift cards are sold at grocery stores and other retail outlets, which makes it much easier to steal info. But you are right about having to use the pin # with purchase. Good luck!

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Something is WRONG WRONG WRONG here ... how could the gift cards be used if the pin number was never scratched off? .... you have to pursue this further ... it’s not the point that it’s only $80.00 ... the point is that the $80.00 was stolen!!! ...


I am a very suspicious person & am thinking that because the cards were over a year old that MAYBE, just maybe, someone at the bank(?) that issues these gift cards has the ability to scan the files to see older unused cards & assume that they were forgotten about .... they possibly could have taken the gift card & pin numbers & placed an order for themselves or family ... you have to look into this further!!!

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I would also investigate this even if it was a smaller dollar amount of gift card.


I need to know why and how they are no longer valid so this could not happen


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I agree with everyone - don't let it go!