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Wow, I don't do a lot of shopping anymore but I do enjoy watching many shows on HSN as opposed to QVC.  Whatever happened to anti-trust laws?



For me, this is a bummer.





it is not necessarily a done deal yet. they had tried this before, i believe and the FTC nixed it........ we have to wait and see if they will allow it to go through this time.

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@Noel7 we are in agreement . . .   brod kavelarg smiley 

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Well Walgreen bought Rite Aid and the deal just fell apart.  Maybe it will happen here, too.

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I think this is bad for customers but also for vendors; now we don't have a viable option other than QVC (I'm not too keen for Evine).


This is a blow to consumers and competition. HSN was doing a far better job IMO with customer satisfaction and appreciating loyal consumers by offering discounts on a regular basis and free shipping. 


I'm also concerned about the lack of product offerings on HSN if QVC owns the entire company. I have found great options at HSN lately and I'm concerned that they will now simply carry only QVC products.


This is not good news for me. This is basically almost a monopoly now. 

I wonder what will happen to the coupons HSN offers and QVC doesn't?

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I don't know... many companies own other companies and before Google, we didn't know about it. As long as they keep their separate identities (and why wouldn't they) it should work out. In the end, the PROFIT is what matters; having 2 different looks/styles means you reach a more diverse crowd. Many who shop on QVC don't shop HSN and vice versa. 


Time will tell.

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The rich  just get richer......... all about the money

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Hold on folks.....I think many are jumping to conclusions.  QVC isn't buying HSN.  QVC's parent company (Liberty) is buying HSN (if the sale goes through).  So, they will be owned by the same company.  From a business standpoint, it makes sense for them to be kept as separate entities.  What sense would it make for them to be merged into one?  That way, HSN can keep its loyal customers, and QVC can do likewise.  I see this acquisition merely as a move for Liberty to increase their total profits.

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Maybe Wolfgang will work with David LOL

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Great... Now HSN will have a non working website too.....

And four plus days after ordering before the order leaves the building.......then use fedex or ups till they relay it to usps for delivery......

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Re: QVC Buys HSN

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- QVC's corporate owner is buying longtime rival Home Shopping Network for 105 million easy payments of $19.99.

Was it the Today's Special Value... or just a Hot Pick...

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