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Re: Prince Andrew

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Over the generations, the royal family were not exactly known for their brilliance. Prince Edward VIII was bearly literate. His father was a notorious womanizer, spending his mother's reign in going from one house party to another. 


As far as Andrew goes, just because he was taught to speak proper English does not mean he Is a genius. Add to that a sense of entitlement, and the freedom of NOT becoming king, and VOILÀ a playboy is created...not just any playboy, but one who associated with Epstein. The parties, the private planes, the young girls...Andrew was hooked. He was a moron. What did he think would happen in that dreadful interview? What a perverted fool.

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Re: Prince Andrew

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@beach-mom wrote:

I read that Epstein was using Prince Andrew to impress the girls - promising them they would get to get their pictures with him and get to meet him. IDK what is really true, but I just can't believe that Andrew would be so stupid to get mixed up in something more. He has an "interesting" relationship with Sarah, and I don't think he would do anything to damage his relationship with his daughters. 

Why not? Men do stupid things like that all the time. Read any newspaper on any day and you'll find stories of men (and women) doing all kinds of stupid things. You don't know him personally, he's not a friend, you only know what you've been allowed to know.


Rich and powerful people do just as many stupid things as anyone else (maybe more), they just have more money to pay people to keep their secrets.


I have no reason to believe it's false any more than I have reason to believe it's true. It could go either way, so there's no way I'm going to say he's not stupid enough to get mixed up in something so many others seem to have been mixed up in.

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Re: Prince Andrew

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I don't even care, Andrew is not going to be charged or arrested for anything.  That's not going to happen. Epstein is dead so the whole thing is over.

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I belive the woman who he is in picture with arm around her waist - she claims he molested her- another picture of her with Andrew and Epstein and the British woman who obtained young girls for Epstein  at one of London's most exclusive restaurants begs the question- why is this random young American girl pictured out and about with Prince Andrew? He has friends around the world at the highest levels of society. Yup, I believe her.


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Re: Prince Andrew

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I don't know what to think about Andrew.  I am disturbed by the fact he was friends with Epstein, because it would be difficult to not know what Epstein was all about if they were friends.  A normal person, once learning of a friend's disturbed behavior, would end the friendship and distance himself from the person.


On the other hand, his ex wife continues to vouch for his character, and you would think she would know him better than anyone.


Then you have the girl(s) who accuse him; I find it hard to believe that someone would make that up, but you never know.


Additionally, he was always kind of known to be on the sleazy side, but that doesn't make him guilty of this...


So I guess we have to see if any other evidence becomes available...

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@beach-mom wrote:

@Pearlee and @Venezia - I haven't seen any of the specials about him. If I had, maybe I'd feel different about the situation. Of course I don't know what went on. I STILL don't think he'd be that stupid!


Here's where I'm coming from. Way back in the "My Space" days, my friends'son was lured by a 13 year old saying she was 19. I saw the picture she sent him. She was half dressed, turned sideways looking over her shoulder. She looked a lot older that 13. He was 22 at the time. I had been around him a lot. Nice boy, great family, VERY good looking, good job. Anyway they chatted, after a few weeks found out they had a lot in common (or so she told him), and agreed to meet. Before they met, her brother found out, told his parents, and contacted my friend's son saying she was only 13 and to "leave my sister alone." My friend's son apologized and backed away. But she contacted him again, complimenting him, and telling him she loved him, and it was OK, they were "only" 9 years apart, blah blah, blah. By this time he had feelings for her too (again thinking she was 19). But he still broke off contact, telling her he couldn't believe she lied to him about her age. A few days later she contacted him asking him to meet her at the local mall to say goodbye (they had never met in person). He said OK (which was REALLY stupid of him). You probably know what's coming - the last time she contacted him, it wasn't "her," and the police were waiting for him. He went to jail. He wasn't there long, but his employer told him not to come back. A lot of us wrote character statements about him for the trial. Her mother went to the local news, who of course did a major story about it, so my friends didn't think he had much of a chance. In the end, the judge found him not guilty and his record was cleared. He now has a job he likes even better than the first, and is engaged. But what my friends went through, all because some girl lied to him - there is so much more that impacted his whole family. As their friend, I was angry that something like this could destroy someone. 


And this isn't the only experience I have with this. Another male friend of mine was falsely accused. It took 3 years for him to clear his name. 



I have an idea there are many 19 year old guys who are quite immature, I know my son was at 19. This is a game for these girls, there needs to be some way these girls are taken to task legally for misrepresenting themselves.
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From everything I've read about ?Andrew, he seems pretty sleazy, and I have no problem believing his relationship with Epstein. The Royals are doing the time honored CYA. 

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@Greeneyedlady21 wrote:

@GenXmuse wrote:

Why give him the benefit of the doubt but not Markle? 

Very good question

It's obvious.

Meghan is female so....🤷‍♀️

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@Venezia wrote:

Does anyone really believe that Prince Andrew needed Epstein to procure underage girls for him?  Other than this, he never was known for a history of preferring young girls.


Is it possible that he may have taken a photo (clearly with others around) with it being nothing more than obliging someone who wanted a photo?


If anything did happen, is it possible she lied about her age?  I knew someone who was 14, but told everyone she was 19.  And she looked it; makeup, clothes, the whole bit.  I told one guy I knew that she was jailbait and he was stunned.


Sorry, I don't believe a word of this particular woman's story in this regard.  She also tried to implicate a number of other high-profile men, but has dropped those accusations and instead seems to have focused on Andrew.  I wonder why?


They have shown that one of the occasions, when she claimed to have been with him, that he was on vacation with his two daughters in a different country.  So...she got that wrong, but everything else is the truth?


Did he exhibit bad judgment in befriending Epstein?  In hindsight, very likely.  But that doesn't make him guilty of these accusations and I'm not assuming anything else.  JMHO.



For the most part, I agree. The troubling part, even if he committed no crime, is that he continued this friendship even after Epstein had  been convicted of being a pedophile. At a minimum, Andrew is guilty of extreme bad judgment; beyond that, we may never know.



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The picture of him with his arm around her waist is just like any posed picture of a male actor or other celeb type with a female fan. Actually, it goes to his innocence rather than guilt. That he was at a restaurant with others including her means nothing as well. None of that points to guilt. I'm not saying he's innocent but, so far, I've neither heard nor seen anything showing he is guilty.