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Re: Police Office targeted and murdered in Ohio

While this is a very serious topic and I don't think all LE should be painted with the same brush as the bad apples...I wish I had the answer - maybe body cameras but then again things can be so taken out of context these days.


I had an encounter with a LE recently and for the life of me still cannot figure it out. Who knows a fluke in my car?


I was stopped on a major through way ..a entire line of cars. I noticed the LE pull out shortly after I went by but was doing nothing wrong so shrugged it off. I watched in my rear view mirror and noticed the LE car way far behind then sped up and got behind me and put their lights on. I got out my license and registration etc. I rolled down the window and the first words were "did you know your license plate light was out?"  No, I didn't. She took my info and came back with a ticket. If I have it fixed within 24-hours and a licensed repair shop signs off - it is over. Send it in.  So away I go. Go to the shop to get it replaced as I only have 24-hours ...they come in and tell me no sure what the issue is as the light is working just fine.   Not sure the deal did she 'think' it was out..did she 'get the right car' was the light dirty and she didn't look right? Who knows but meanwhile pulled over to the side with four lanes of cars literally zooming past at 85 mph which maybe needed her attention lol...but it is what it is.


That said, John you make me laugh sometimes - even in a serious thread the light shines in... - I loved your reply. John has spoken.