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Re: People who Age Overnight

i have seen people age overnight just from a death of a spouse. 


i went back for my 50th high school reunion late last year to my home town. some the kids aged yes, some looked absolutely ancient. they looked haggered, weather worn like a scarecrow sitting out in the weather every day of the year.


i wonder if looking old before our time may be in the genes of people make up. could it be that family just ages quickly.

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Re: People who Age Overnight

@LTT1 wrote:



I seriously am beginning to think that celebrities and other people in the public eye have secrets about this. Do you think so?

Like bee venom or certain serums that are either illegal or border on it.

There are some of them that just look too good (glowy) to be true.

@LTT1  I know what you mean!  Christie Brinkley comes to mind.