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I am passing this along to you because of the recent ordering glitches at

I ordered 2 pieces of jewelry and after I checked out I received a confirmation. A little while later I went into Order Status and saw that my orders were not there. I contacted Customer Service and they said there have been delays with orders appearring but that it would appear shortly.The next day I did notice that the orders were there and then they shipped out the day after.


The day after that I checked the orders again and I noticed that those same 2 jewelry items had been repurchased. I called CS and they said that the original orders that were lagging during the glitch were still in the system and that a CS member went ahead and put the orders through because there is no way of seeing that they had shipped already. Thankfully we were able to cancel that reorder without being charged but I was upset over the fact that someone elsehad  put another order through.

On April 8 I placed a food order in which most of it was paid by QVC Member Credits that I had on file and the last $13 I paid in one payment on my credit card. I checked the order yesterday to see when it would be delivered and then today when I checked that order again I saw Easy Pay breakdowns of the item. I did not purchase it on Easy Pay and yesterday it did not have anything about Easy Pay but yet today it had the breakdown of Easy Pays I owe. Upset again, I called Customer Service and told them about the problem with the food item and the issues with the 2 jewelry items. She explained that QVC has had numerous issues with the ordering system and processing because they are integrating systems with HSN and it has not been smooth sailing and that's the reason for all of these issues. After she told me that I told her I am just going to pay the Easy Pays at once and then I won't be ordering for quite some time until I know everything has been ironed it. And I will also check my credit card to make sure I was not double charged for anything and so no mysterious Easy Pays show up on it.


So everyone... PLEASE check your Orders AND your credit card statements.


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Re: PLEASE Check Your Orders!

Thank you for the tip.

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Re: PLEASE Check Your Orders!

Good luck paying off your easy pays with 1 payment. Didn't work for me. I tried to pay it off and they would send me a credit, then another easy pay payment. I tried telling them I didn't want easy pay and they said you can't pay it off.

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Re: PLEASE Check Your Orders!

@geegerbee  I don't understand what you are saying about not being able to pay off easy pays. I frequently do this. I just go to my account and manage easy payments and then I pay the balance. It is very simple. I have never had a problem with this. 

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Re: PLEASE Check Your Orders!

@MissBonBon   Thank you for the alert that they are "integrating" the QVC and HSN ordering systems.  The people in charge of these companies certainly take (just in my non computer programming opinion) "interesting" paths to improve their information technology systems.


I hope they are running dual systems while they are attempting and testing this alignment--otherwise they risk having a significant crash that will leave all users--including us, the customers--very unhappy.


I do order quite often from QVC often so I appreciate the warning.





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