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I walk around my neighborhood every day, weather permitting. I do not wear a mask as I stay at least 6 feet away from anyone else that is out.  Our streets are wide enough and early in the day almost no one else is out walking or running.  

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Yes I do take walks. Wearing my gloves and a mask which I wear under my chin when alone and pull up over my face when approached by others.   But a LOT of people around here do not observe the 6 foot rule.  Don't even try to.  I used to scoot over to the side of the walk expecting them to do the same, but, no.  They'ed  just walk down the middle of the walk, sometimes so close they almost rubbed shoulders with me.    So, NOW,  when I see someone coming  I put up my mask and move to the middle of the walk so they have to run into me or move.  You better believe they all move over Then!  When they do I scoot over too.   and yes I have steppped into the street to get far enough away but sometimes that just isn't possible.