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@JaneMarple wrote:

I made an order yesterday and received it this morning, this is the fastest that I've ever received any orders.





Have had this experience many times with this company. Placed an order today, scheduled for tomorrow's delivery.


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@rms1954 wrote:

It happens now and then.

It happens more then not.  Depends how close you live to a distribution center.  I get many items same day.

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Had similar experiences and free shipping most times!
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Fast with a surprise...........ordered -  Sinex (nasal product).....twin box meaning 2 units per box so I wanted two = 4 sprayers.


Either the manufacturer or "A" employee didn't understand so taped two boxes together for..(4).....not once but for several.  Received a large package stuffed full of Sinex!


All set for allergy season until 2032

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Yes, have had next day delivery happen multiple times with my orders. Can’t beat Amazon for their fast delivery.
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Always fast for me.  And I get what I paid for, rarely a problem with the product.  And if I need any kind of help customer service is right there.


In  my case stores around us never have what I want and I spend half a day looking for what I need.  Amazon has just about everything and I get if so quickly I am wondering if I am dreaming.  


I might add I am a prime member and free shipping. 

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Amazon opened a fulfillment center about a mile from my home last year. I don't have Prime,but when I place an order I usually get it the next day.I also never pay for shipping because I always spend $25 .


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Amazon is great for that, however I have really limited my Amazon shopping. I feel we have to stop & realize the downstream & ripple effects to the environment with all of our needs for instant everything.

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99% of the time I get what I ordered the next day.........been Amazon Prime for years.

To day I noticed that SalonPas , which I ordered for $6, could be delivered TODAY for $2.99 extra. Never noticed that before but good to know when I need something that same day........Is there any sense in going to the store anymore? Not for ME 

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Re: Order From Amazon

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My shipping experience with Amazon varies widely, no doubt depending on what I order and where it's coming from.  Last fall I ordered an iPad and it was on my front porch within hours!  Other items can take a day, two or more.


I've also had a very pleasant experience with returns.  I don't return much but I mistakenly ordered the wrong size parchment liners for my air fryer, which I really could not use, so I decided to attempt to return.  It was all done on line, they instructed me to return the item "as is" (i.e., don't bother packaging or labeling) to my nearest UPS store, which is about a mile away from me.  By the time I got home from dropping it off, I had received a text saying that my refund was complete!  Mind blowing!