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Wish we would spend money on psychology studies that might really help those with serious mental health issues instead of this kind of “junk science”. 

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Agree with indoor kitty's viewpoint.


I'm a Boomer - youngest sibling in my family. There's a lot of Boomers in the world and we're used to being in control. It's hard for us to pass the baton to other generations (IMO). 


Boomers - 1946 - 1964, or ages 55 - 73.    


I've worked in education since I was 22 and have observed how generations below Boomers have been continuously judged by Boomers. According to too many of my Boomer cohorts - generations below us just fall short. Technological advances have increased so rapidly, I'm picking up hints of resentment and inferiority, from Boomers, regarding skill levels of younger generations. 


I'm in my 60s and closest friends are mid 50s to early 70s. I tell hubs how shocked I am when I hear social table talk from some of our friends who have apparently removed their filters. This has been relatively new - as I don't remember their negativity and predudice comments when we were younger. I fear they're taking on a 'get off my lawn' attitude. If I hear it and gasp - our younger generations hear it and register comments and attitudes. And they write articles about it.


During the 2016 election, too many Boomer work cohorts couldn't use the slam word, 'snowflake' enough. These are graduate level Boomer faculty whose inferiority is showing and they have removed their filters. 


I'm taking a different view than some on this post -- not at all interested in arguing.     





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Oh, great, another thread to pit one generation against another.



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Well hooray for the Boomers who have always been in control!  I sure wish that had worked out for me.  


Somehow most have cared for children, many grandchildren and then their parents--should they outlive their parents.  

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Re: Okay, Boomers

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I'm always suspicious of psychology studies such as this as having a hidden agenda.  Propaganda, gaslighting, projection. 


The labeling of sensitivity and narcissism in this piece fits the millennial generation to a T. 










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If I get a OK Boomer you get an OK BUMMER! (definition of bummer per google...."a thing that is annoying or disappointing").

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@mominohio wrote:

@2blonde wrote:

I don't see how narcissism and sensitivity are the same thing.


Yes, first thing that came to my mind too. 


Let's face it, every generation tells the one above them how badly they screwed it all up. 


Their kids are coming, and they are going to be told the same thing. 


It's the cycle of life. 

And every generation bemoans the ills of the next one.

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IMO this is hogwash.

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IMO we should be working to bring people together, rather than increasing  divisions by pointing out generalized differences between groups.  Polarization breeds anger and resentment, and we have too much of that already.

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Before I transitioned to remote work, I managed a department of 17. Most were millennial and some gen z. Understanding the differences in povs regarding work, work life balance, parenting, volunteerism, etc was critical in attracting and retaining good staff. Understanding the general values and work habits of those generations did not divide. It helped to unite. It helped to guide my ability to manage- understanding that volunteerism is important to those generations, for example, made me more flexible in staffing, allowing for my staff to volunteer their time during the workday. 

There are reasons for these studies that have practical life applications and mocking the results just leaves you uninformed.