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@KingstonsMom - just saw your post - good grief, glad you and your daughter are ok. In today's world one never knows.


I'm only a few hours north of you and every day it seems the news is reporting several shootings over night. 


The world has gone crazy.

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@KingstonsMom  Very fortunate nobody else was harmed.  Amazing how little self control many people have, their impulse to be reckless believing they can escape or win or act out so bizarrely without consequences.


To avoid reliving it, you might need to reframe the entire incident into one in which you were actually safe from it all even though the tragedy occurred nearby, as much as a shock as it was.  The brain has a tendency to lay down tracks of repeated thoughts so they come up later without inviting them.  

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What a terrible ordeal to go through! Am glad you are okay. It seems the things we are seeing on the news are now coming to our very neighborhoods.
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@KingstonsMom  This is the first time that I have read the post, probably due to sign-in difficulties.  I am so glad that you and your daughter were not physically hurt; but, if you need to, seek out someone to speak with about this situation.  Situations like this can change your life.  It is unfortunate that many people today resort to violence and put innocent people in danger.  From now on, you will always be extra cautious as you are out and about.  Please be safe.

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Your advice is so right on point, especially for my daughter (38 y.o.) who already suffers from anxiety and depression and sees a psychiatrist and psychologist once a month for medical treatment of those conditions.


Bless her heart, she also just recently escaped an abusive marriage and returned to her family home with us, while going through a nasty divorce.


Both of her Dr's have now diagnosed her with PTSD as well since that nightmare, that she keeps reliving in her mind, especially when it comes to trying to eat or sleep.


I know she'll get through this, but it's gonna take a lot of time for her.


Thank you so much for your sage advice and your kind response!Heart



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