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I have often wondered if people drive their cars the same way they shop and manage their grocery cart.  Some are rude, some polite. Some are aisle hogs, some are slow, some speed, and others are all over the place.

They are an accident waiting to happen in the store.  I just pray I am not near them when they start their engine. 

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Sushismom wrote:
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they have one door to enter and another door,, at the opposite end of the storefront, to exit. They have someone standing by each door to make sure nobody goes in or out the wrong door. So far, I have not seen anyone observe the plan...and the workers at the door are always on their phones so they don't even look up.

I'm so sorry your stores allow employess to be on the phone. None of the stores in my area allow that. 



 Our local Wal Mart had two workers standing inside as you enter. I saw one with a small tablet (phone?) in hand. I thought maybe he was keeping track of how many people were entering the store. I know they were limiting the number of customers who can be in a store at once. Could that have been the case?

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I don't really get the point of the arrows. You still have to walk past people. Are we supposed to just stand in an aisle for 10 minutes while everyone ahead of us browses. I normally spend under 10 minutes shopping. Now I have to spend even more time in the store upping people's risk?

I second this observation 100%.  Are you all just standing there waiting for the people ahead of you to move along the aisle so that you can move, too?  No one can move any farther than the next customer in your aisle?  Seems like that would take forever, when my goal is to get in and get out.  I’m all for spacing out lines at the registers and wearing masks and gloves, but I’m really glad my grocery store has not instituted the one way lock step aisles. 



No, at least I don't.  I pass people going one way.


But the thing about all going the same way is that if and when you go past someone, you're not facing them.  There is less chance of transmitting germs than being face to face.  I move past quickly.  Yes, you are closer to them than six feet for a few seconds.  That's why people are told to wear  face coverings--for the times that you can't avoid being close.



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When I go to Wal-Mart or a grocery store, I do so according to my list for the week or everyysecond week if I can.  When I go to in I treat the experience same as I do driving.  I don't assume the others will be following the rules.  I can only be diligent in following the rules and I watch intently for the other guy.  People get distracted.  I am on a mission to do what I have to do then leave.  Frustrating at times, yes.  But in the big picture a minor inconvenience.  Compared to those who are risking themselves so I can buy food, those who are ill, caring for those who are ill.

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I'm the only one that follows them at my Walmart. Down an entire aisle with nothing I want just so I can enter the next aisle correctly. Then as I finally make it to my destination I have 3 carts coming right at me, in the wrong direction. I look at the "do not enter" on the floor, I look up at them, they don't get the hint. I have decided Walmart isn't worth the frustration...


But seriously? What does the one way accomplish? I still have people stopping alongside of me. 

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Why would an employee risk their life trying to enforce one way aisles?
Just last week a security guard in Michigan was shot and killed in a dollar store when he tried to enforce the face mask requirement.

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I was at Walmart by 7:15 this morning.  Not very many people in the store at that time.  Not all people were going the correct way. I even caught myself going the wrong direction!! I think Walmart is the wrong place to go if you want all the rules to be followed. I am still working, so I suppose I am used to being out more than some. I have decided I will do the best I can and try not to dwell on things I can't change.

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@morning lover wrote:

I did that at Aldi. I don't shop there often and didn't even notice the 'small arrows' placed far - apart at first. I was trying to get what I needed and get out. I did follow the arrows after I noticed them and will be more aware next time I shop.  I wasn't the only one who made this mistake. Woman Wink

My son and I went there late in the was great..hardly anyone there and they had all we needed. Everyone was following the arrows and distancing themselves.

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I'm sticking with Instacart.  I had originally got them during the early days of this pandemic.  I'm staying with them.  I just don't want to take the risk of going in to supermarkets weekly.  Even later in to this summer.  I'm thinking this wave will subside a bit before the a  2nd wave hits in the fall.  There most certainly will not have a vaccine by then anyway. As it is now, I barely go outside. I feel like a hermit.

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Some people don't like to be tolded what to do,bottom line!