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I have been very, very fortunate.  I have had two mothers. Billie gave birth to me all those decades ago. I lost Billie when I was 15 years old.  At age 17, I met the most wonderful teacher...Ellie. She taught English, Drama, Debate. Everyone wanted her as a teacher. I wanted her as more than my teacher.  
I talked about her until my father finally asked her out in May of 1971. In November of 1971, daddy and Miss B married. I was my daddy's witness, or as I like to say, Best Man/Woman. After they were pronounced husband and wife, Miss B, the new Mrs C, turned to me and said, "what are you going to call me now?" I replied, "I'd really like to call you mom." She said she would love that, and she has been my mom since November 25, 1971.
Mom was quite a bit younger than daddy, and I got two baby sisters out of the deal...Jamie and Cathie. Jamie is about 19 months younger than my son, Kris and Cathie is about 5 months younger than my son, Bryan. How fun was that? It actually was quite fun. My boys and my sisters grew up together.
Mom is now frail and in failing health. She has dementia, but she remembers so many things, including all three of her daughters and our families when we talk to her. She is in the Memory Care Unit of a nursing home, and now recently under hospice care.
I just called her and told her I would be visiting in 3 days. She asked what day that would be, and I said Friday. She said she really looked forward to it. I asked if I could bring her anything? A milkshake? She said, "I want just yourselves."
OH! And our family has never said step-mom or half-sisters...EVER.
We will be leaving on Thursday for our trip to Missouri and return the following Wednesday.  As for my deer pictures, I have taken a bunch of extra pictures and will post them while I am gone.  Hope that is okay.
Sorry/not sorry this post is so long.
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So touching!    @MamaWick  I thank you for thinking of us here on the boards too.   Have a safe trip there and back.   

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What a inspiring meaningful post about a loving family who you obviously adore!  It gives insight into happiness and wonderful memories of growing up.  Your mom sounds like a very blessed woman, her life filled with children who she cared for and now they take care of her.  


Enjoy your trip to see your mother and cherish every moment of the visit.  Share some fun and laughter, good memories and just being together!

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@MamaWick   I love the story about your mom.  I hope you enjoy your visit with her!  🙂




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 What a beautiful story!! @MamaWick  How lucky are you to have 2 wonderful mothers!! And how lucky are they to have you as their daughter!!

 Be strong!  Remember how much you're loved.Love is forever,to hold close to your heart ❤️.


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I love your story. You are a blessed woman.


Hope you have a wonderful trip to Missouri.



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Safe travels.

How lovely to have been blessed with two mothers.

They taught you well.  You have been a loving daughter and caretaker of animals too.

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I wish you safe travels and a meaningful visit with your mother.  Thank you for a beautiful post.

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So beautiful! Thanks for that. I guess you found your second mom. How amazing is that?Woman Happy

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@MamaWick   How wonderful to be blessed with two moms and no doubt a wonderful dad. 

Wishing you safe travels and blessed time with your family!