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@ValuSkr - You don't think about what to take - you take what you can carry - clothes for a couple of days, meds, important papers some snacks/water in case you are stuck in traffic, phone charger, cash and a few more things. 


There is nothing to take other than those important things. Getting out is the important thing.

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We are in the storm path in Brevard and are staying but there is

no way I would stay beachside where evacuation orders were put

out.  They have already let people know that a 6pm or when the winds reach 45mph the causeways (bridges to and from the

beaches) will be closed and no first responders can get to you.

I saw on the news people living in a condo on the beach are staying.  I just don't understand how they could feel safe.  I just

pray for them and all of us because this is not a storm to play with.

We are further inland and it's more the winds we are worried about more so then the rain.  

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@gardensla  Deland is far enough inland that she may be okay, especially as the dirty side of the hurricane is away from the shore.  I lived in Orlando when there was an east coast hurricane and we had wind and rain but no major damage.  She should be prepared for possible tornados and loss of electricity and water.  I'll be praying for her as well as all those in harm's way.


My cat could definitely tell the hurricane was coming.  She was very antsy and didn't want to stroked.  I think it was the low pressure.

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An hour or so ago I heard that people in the Cape Canaveral area who did not leave are now starting to call to be rescued.