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I made ten cotton masks today for family, then tomorrow I have to sew more for some friends. First time ever doing this and i must say they turned out looking fantastic. I told them tomorrow i´ll make some with a little lace on the front, Those I did today were floral.


It´s difficult to find elastic so I did two with strings to tie in the back (used new shoe laces) and I bought some hair bobbles from the Dollar Store and cut off the elastic. Worked out great.

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I'm thinking an Always Maxi Pad (the kind with wings) might work Smiley LOL

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I made ten masks yesterday for my daughter &  granddaughters - they live in Westchester County NY. Today, I have to make more for my friend, hubby and myself. 

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There is lots of information out there on what you can use and/or make for masks, such as scarves, bandana's, socks, old t shirts, etc.

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i have not seen anyone in goggles or safety glasses even though i read they would be good idea to wear . i dont have any and would not wear Smiley Sad  

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I see people wearing them and also have gloves too.  My family and me don't have them either.  Can't buy them and can't order them. I thought of tying a kitchen towel across my face.  Ugh.

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Here is a link of how to make your own mask with no sewing machine.

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@Financialgrl :  I made three of the no sew bandana version but I inserted a folded coffee filter inside each one and I used a running hand stitch to stabilize the filter so it doesn't shift position.  I wore one of my masks to WM yesterday;  it was a bit warm but worked like a charm.  Bought DH and my son each a wind break snood from Big Five (covers from the neck up to eyes (DH says its comfortable).

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A new purpose for safety glasses used in lawn mowing!

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@INXS wrote:

I'm thinking an Always Maxi Pad (the kind with wings) might work Smiley LOL

I have a box of mouth/nose masks bought almost 9 years ago bc they wanted me to wear them for a few weeks after chemo.  That's exactly what they look like when u pull one out of the box but then not as much once you unfold them! 


I have since bought some cloth ones but put these back in the box and was going to offer them to my neighbor who said they were having trouble finding them.  If they no longer need them I'll put these at the back of the closet again for any future use.  Nobody saw this coming for this virus and we never know if or when we may need again.  Something is always better than nothing.