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On 2/16/2015 Alexia said: It is with such sadness that I read your posts about losing a child. We lost our precious son three years ago at the age of 29. It is, without a doubt, the hardest thing I will ever endure in my life. People wonder how you endure such a tragedy-it is, for me, by the Grace of God. I describe it to myself that it is like a bright candle within myself that is dim and sometimes struggles to burn. I've lost a part of myself that I can never get back but I know that our lives do go on and we have to learn to live without them, however hard that may be. I have so many blessings in my life--my wonderful husband, daughter, grandkids and my dear poodle, so we go on. it never gets better but we must continue our life, as it is God's gift. Bless you all that are on this painful journey we're taking, and know we will be together again. Love always prevails and death can never separate that loveSmiley Happy

This is beautiful, Alexia--God Bless You.

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My son shane died in 1998, he had been in a car accident in 1995, he ended up in a wheel chair, it is a very long story, but he had many operations, on left arm,and left leg, was never able to walk, the leg was just shattered, so on oct. 6 th 1998,he went to mass gereneral hospital to have a left leg below knee amputation, after leg was removed, he went into cardiac arrest, a embolus moved up his leg, to his kidneys, to his lungs, and then to his brain, he was on life support, it was the darkest days those 5 days, my husband and I just ,were beyond shocked, and in so much pain, we took him off life support on oct. 11th ,1998, I will never be able to live my life without this pain, my husband passed in april of 2013, soon will be two years, I hate living with out them,shane was just 27.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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(((goldensrbest))) my heart breaks for you, and all here who have lost their precious children. My prayers go with you, until you blessedly all meet again.