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I’ve washed a heavily shedding sweater with two blazers. They are now covered in lint. I re-washed them thinking that would help but it’s only made it worse.

Any ideas how to remove lint from clothes? A lint roller and a lint brush is doing absolutely nothing.
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I can only think of packing tape. Roll a bunch, sticky side out, around your fingers. It works for me.

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the used to sell them, but they are also available on amazon and bbb.

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I use the big sticky lint rollers I buy at Costco.They have always worked for could also try a sweater shaver if you have one.
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I've been using this style of lint brush about 20 years and have never found anything it won't remove.  One brush lasts for years.  It uses the hook side of Velcro on a roller to remove lint then self cleans.  This listing came from eBay.



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 You need The Gleener.

One of the best things I ever got from QVC.

Also search online for it.


I use it all the time to remove fuzzy lint, pet hair, pill balls. It's really rejuvenated my clothes and upholstery fabrics.

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I would recommend using the Shaver that QVC sells, I have it & love it!  It can be used with batteries or electricy...

Always wash good clothes by them selves, even if it is just one or two worth it, in the long run.

Good luck to you!

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Re: Lint Remover Help

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@hippiechick7897  I agree with @Kachina624 That gadget is just the best!  I had one that I bought years ago at the Big E--Eastern States Exposition--and lost it when I moved here to DC.


I just ordered another one.  I have a clothes brush but the other thing is just a marvel and it really does "self clean" the lint and fluff it removes.


Glad you posted.  Now I know the name for it and it will arrive in the mail next week!  



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@Tangocash wrote:

I can only think of packing tape. Roll a bunch, sticky side out, around your fingers. It works for me.

I use masking tape to remove lint.