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I use 1/2 Bounce sheet in a load.

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I rarely use fabric softener and never use liquid--only sheets.  I will use a sheet when drying a load of synthetics that are bound to be full of static without the dryer sheet.

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My Dad found out the hard way that he reacted poorly to fabric softener.

I started to use Downey fabric softener. And his feet started to itch and break out. It took a bit to figure out it was the fabic softener. 


Whenever I washed socks I made sure I used fabric softener so we wouldn't deal with static.

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Re: Laundry Question?

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No.  I hate the smell and the feel of the clothes.  I use half a chamomile dryer sheet from Grove. 


I can tell right away when people use fabric softener.  I have to step back because the smell is overwhelming to me.  If I smell it for too long, I get a headache and nauseous. 

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Re: Laundry Question?

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No, never have.  I've even stopped using dryer sheets.  Don't see the purpose any longer.

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YES! I💖 fabric softener!


I use scent beads, liquid fabric softener AND dryer sheets.


I love for my clothes to smell fresh and clean!😊

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I stopped using liquid fabric softener years ago and use vinegar instead.

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I use vinegar with a few drops of an essential oil. Lemon is my favorite.
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Re: Laundry Question?

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All I do is I keep 4 dryer balls in my dryer at all ltimes. The sheets are not good for the dryer.  I use the plastic balls with the spokes, the spokes help to quicken drying time. 

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Allergic to so much. We use the dryer balls and that is fine.