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Do you use fabric softener?


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Never have .. hate the smell ... and I like my clothes and household

things .. especially sheets .. crisp ....

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Yes. I prefer the liquid, DH prefers the sheets. 

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It gums up my dryer too much, stopped using it some years ago. Love the way it made my clothes smell but had to give it up.

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Rarely. I use the Nellies drying balls.Love them.

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Absolutely, I hate static cling
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Vinegar is a natural fabric softener, among other things, and that's what I use.

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I used to until I read how bad it supposedly is for clothes.  I use dryer balls now. 

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Yes -- but only Bounce Free and Clear.  I have never used anything with a fragrance.

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NO!! It coats your clothes ,and both liquid,and dryer sheets.

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