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@Mom2DogsNever thought you were rude.  A few casual words to or from those who work in public places never hurt anyone. 


Nor do I think the other customer who commented was being rude -  way too much judgement there for me.  And, yes, that's also judgemental.  Opinions are that way.

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I doubt that anyone wants to carry on a discourse with either a clerk or another customer while in line, but I have no problem with short, civil exchanges... I've been in line and had people want to bend my ear. I give brief but not unpleasant responses, realizing my time in line is not lengthy and there's no reason to be rude... Recently, I was in line and made a simple comment to the man behind me, noting that the cake he was purchasing looked delicious... HIs response was to look like he smelled something... Fine, not another word spoken until I was on my way out and then I simply said, 'enjoy your cake', and kept moving... People complain about the lack of manners today, usually citing younger people... The fact is, it doesn't hurt any of us to practice civility... 

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@PickyPicky3 Interesting to read the responses here, most folks evaluated the woman's motives.  I didnt get the sense you were questioning her motives, i thought you just didn't want to hear her, a feeling I understand when we have a lot on our minds and maybe want to meditate while we wait on line.  So if that was me, depending on my mood, 3 possible reactions: (1) a fast thank you with a stare to her face, might have silenced her; (2) excuse me i have to take a call, send a message and reach for the phone; or (3) start commenting on her items...

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When I shop at Joann’s there are a couple clerks who are always asking “ did you make that ? You make such cute clothes , you should have your own you take orders “ etc etc.... 😊I am flattered and think it’s nice of them to say those things but sometimes it gets to be a bit much 😳.

eta....On the other hand, DH, the little devil, likes to tease clerks. He will almost always say “ it’s free today , right ? Cmon, you’d have so many customers ! “ or “ can I borrow some money from you?😈

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I must just have a friendly appearance as I frequently have people in stores chat with me.   I love to talk and I will gladly have a brief chat or exchange with another customer.  But one time a clerk that was ringing up my order gave me a big lecture about why I should cook from scratch and not use a chili seasoning packet!  Now that was a bit much and I have since avoided that store.  


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I think that the woman was just being friendly. 


Standing in line, waiting for our turn...........Sometimes a brief comment just 'happens'.


I've sometimes said 'Oh, that looks good.  I'll have to try it next time', etc., etc.


So far, I haven't had any 'bad' looks.

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Even though our city is large, we are known for a friendly small town type I dont mind conversing with fellow shoppers and/or cashiers....a young college guy was asking me about different cleaners to clean his kitchen.  Some Cashiers tell me about their pet when they see my cat food ......and the cashier doesn't miss a beat as she rings up my order quickly and accurately......


I'd rather have some conversation than on other days when there is no conversing just tons of people just staring at their cell phones like zombies and blocking aisles....and cashiers and baggers are conversing with each other about after work plans, making mistakes and not paying attention to me, nor the job at hand...

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