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It's just not Kohl's. Many department stores are struggling. Too many people buying online, while convenient, is killing B&M stores. I was recently in Macy's and their "home" department was practically nonexistent. I like to feel my towels, bedding, glassware, etc. 

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Kohl's is the only major store we have left since all the major department stores have left our mall.  In the past, I would sometimes come home with a boatload of things, but in recent years (since Covid), I've not found much in the way of clothing.  I have purchased things in the kitchen and housewares area but not many clothes.  I did pick up a Sonoma sweater for $5.00 a few weeks ago but I can tell I'll probably get about 3 or 4 wearings out of it before it's tossed or given to Goodwill.

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I went today and what bargins to be had, especially with the 30 off coupon.  I bought 11 tops, 1 sweater, 2 glamorise bras and a pair of pajamas (cuddle duds) for just over $150 and received $30 in kohls cash.  One top was only $1.80 before the coupon!  We have a huge Kohls here, 2 floors worth of goodies and every department had 70% off.  

Today was a fun day to shop!


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l used to like shopping their clearance stuff online , but for the last few months the online viewing has become very frustrating . l pick from the list , the stuff l want to see , it pops up like it used to , then a grey screen covers it up and it shows items individually with lots of descriptions , and it's not usually what you are looking for . Scroll down and it just goes on and on with individual items .  So frustrating l just cancel out of the site . Why would they do that ?  Not helpful at all !

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I've shopped at Kohl's for years. Between sales and coupons you can get some really good bargains.


I don't have the time or the patience to run around hoping to find what I'm looking for - do they have the item I want . . .  in the color I want . . . in the size I need, so I do nearly all my Kohl's shopping online.


Last week was the first time I'd been inside the store in about 3 years. I hate that they removed the jewelry area to put in a Sephora. We already have a Sephora inside JC Penney less than 1 mile away. Also gone is the purse department, along with the nice selection of bedroom slippers they use to carry.


I've noticed that they've refreshed  the store - the lighting was much brighter and there was all new flooring/carpeting. The merchandise didn't seem as jam packed together the way it use to be in the past. On the flip side, the kitchen department was down to almost nothing. Before it took up a large space in the back of the store, not it's down to just one small corner.


I do hope they don't ever close the store. I find it convenient when (on the very rare occasion) I need to return an item. And I love that I can also make any Amazon returns if I need to.



















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Lordy be.  Had kohls cash from my last shopping spree, Kohls now has 85% of clearance.  I was in a different town today so I stopped in to see what this location had.  Bought eight more items using $30 Kohls cash and only paid $5.26 out of pocket. 

It's worth checking out if you have a kohls near you.