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OMG are you kidding me? I've been saying this for years about Kohl's. I get blasted every time! See? I'm right all along. Woman Frustrated

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I have loved Kohl's and been a faithful shopper there for years!  It's one of only 2 stores in my immediate area where you can find clothes, shoes, jewelry.  


I hadn't been there in about a month and I went there about a week ago. I felt like I was in a different store!  It looked like they had painted it or something, as it was much brighter --- which was good.  However, it did not have, in my opinion, even half the stock it always had.  It was like everything was spread out to look like there was more than there was.  


Usually, I find a lot of things I like there and have a hard time limiting myself to just a few purchases.  This time --- I didn't find anything and walked out of the store with nothing!


I sure hope this is not an indication of their demise! 

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I ordered a bunch of tops on sale online and I like them a lot. I haven't tried to wash any yet.

I paid between 5 and 10 for each. 

I got 2 Sonoma throws that were 79.00 retail for 14.99 each that I love. 

80% off and a coupon to boot. 

Free shipping and they were delivered pretty quickly.

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I used to shop at Kohl's frequently, not so much now, the closest location to me did away with the jewelry dept because they added Sephora and also did away with the Amazon returns which is okay because I found out that CVS 10 min from my home does UPS drop offs for Amazon.  I do receive 30% coupons from Kohl's on occasion but have not really purchased anything in awhile. Really miss browsing the jewelry section at Kohl's you could get really good deals although you can still shop their jewelry online but it is different than seeing the item in person and you don't really get all the discounts offered as if you were in store.

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Our Kohl's was my go-to store for everything. And then they added that danged Sephora that takes up about half of their floor space. My favorite depts are gone. The rest is clearance stock. Ugh.
They keep sending me coupons, but I haven't shopped there since last fall.
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Dea luvmyteddy4


I bought several tops at Kohls last spring. I washed/dryed them and they shrunk 4-5 inches in length! So just as an FYI, please ve careful because mine shrunk so much they are almost crop tops.

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@1Snickers wrote:

@homedecor1   I had a 30% off coupon at Kohl's also. I hadn't been in awhile due to restrictions on coupons, and usually can be used on just their brands.

   You were wise not to buy their brand of shirts, they shrink, roll up and now they cost more. The last times I've been shelves were bare.
     I've found items much cheaper at Marshall.'s and T J Max ie. umbrellas and hair brushes. Kohl's suggested retail price is too high.
      I didn't buy anything.




I've noticed that also.  Kohl's brand of shirts is Sonoma?  If so, you're right.  I call them disposable shirts after one wash.  


Apt. 9 may be one of their own brands, it's a bit better than Sonoma brand.  


I hope they will get better.

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I was always ambivalent about Kohls until they added the Amazon return center about a year ago. Of course, it's at the back of the store so you have to navigate through the other departments to get to Amazon. I was surprised at how well-stocked they were and at the variety of merchandise they had.


I've bought some of their Sonoma knit shirts and have been very happy with them. Sure they shrink, but not any worse than my Woman Within shirts. I just go up one size and they fit perfectly after a couple of launderings. I like their nightgowns and PJ's better than Lands End. They have a good selection of Tall men's clothing at reasonable prices. My store even has a decent toy and children's book section. 

I really like ordering from their website and picking it up in the store. They're very good about letting you know when your order arrives. I ordered bathroom rugs most recently and am just waiting for them to come in. Returns are a breeze! I think the return period is 6 months and the item can be tag less, worn, laundered, etc. All of the staff I've interacted with have been friendly and very helpful. I usually go there during the week as traffic at the shopping center where they're located is crazy on the weekend. 

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There is a Kohl's near me and I was in there twice.  Once, just to check the store out.  I hated it.  Racks of clothing were way too close and difficult to walk and navigate in there.


I needed black dress shoes and was hopeful, I could get a pair.  They had none in my size.


The second time I visited was to return expensive unopened medications for my dog who passed.  I forgot to stop auto ship from Amazon. I just went in, returned the merchandise, in the back of the store and left.


I threw the $5 off coupon away that Kohls gave me when made the return.  For some reason, I do not like that store.



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I was there about 3 wks.ago,lots of sales.

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