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Kohl's and TJ Max are the closest stores to me and the only stores that I frequent, other than Michael's.  I was in Kohl's in January and used my Kohl's bucks to get a pair of Nike tennis shoes for a greatly reduced price.  Haven't been in since then, but I might go this afternoon to see what it looks like after reading this thread!  I hope they don't go out of business, even though most of their clothing at my Kohl's looks very young.  I buy mostly (grand)baby clothes and household stuff at Kohl's and love it for that.

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I haven't shopped at Kohl's since a sweater literally dissolved in the washing machine and my entire load of laundry was a huge mess of clumped fibers and fluff.  It even caked up the tub.  (Yes, the label said to wash in the washing machine/dry in the dryer.)


So sad - I used the shop there first.  Nice stuff, great sales and coupons.  I still have some pieces from Kohl's heyday that wash and wear well and look good.

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The last time I was in Kohl's - a few years ago - it was such a mess.  It looked like a hurricane had blown through.  Good luck trying to find anything.  It's a shame; it started out as a respectable store.

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Khols is getting cheap and I stay away from shopping online from them .....the shipments on ONE order comes willy nilly in separate shipping dates and it takes forever to get here, same goes if I want to go pick it up it is NEVER there in the store!  So just as long to get it to the store as just getting it shipped to my home.  Not any real big deals online and I have been disappointed some purchases.  I really do not like they want you to spend $50 to get free shipping

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I wear a lot of the Champion brand crop tee shirts and I love them. They wash up really well, no shrinkage, nice material and I got a couple of their hoodies this time. Very cute. I usually buy them at Walmart but Kohls had them on sale. 

I have every color and I wear them to bed too. 

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I haven't been in Kohl's in over a year; it was so quiet with empty with bare shelves I did't stay very long. It is the only thing resembling a department store anywhere near me...very close. I would think their days are numbered. There is a new JCPenney north of us; about 30 minute drive, but it was worth it when I was in the area and went in right before Christmas. Beautiful merchandise and great very well displayed. The place was packed. I bought two pashmina wraps; one in camel and one in red to take to church; it is always freezing in church. They are LIZ Claiborne and very nice. BOGO so couldn't resist.  Too bad it is so far away but it may be worth it. DH loves their men's Stafford label.

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Wish they would stick their own credit card up............


every time I go in there same ol' question "would U like to apply for a Kohl's credit card "?


No, but, you can say such and such dollars, blab, blab


If I say no , let it rest..........they must be on commission

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I read an online article the other day that Kohl's will be revamping the looks of their stores. I assume there is trouble there too.

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not necessarily trouble, but just refreshing some stores. Flooring, lighting and shelving takes a beating and needs to be replaced. Kohl's needs room for the amazon returns. This uses up more room, in the back, than you realize. They now have lands end, to display too.  As more people shop online, they need less room, in store. Weather you like it or not, that just the way it is. Retail is change is changing everywhere.

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So sad to hear about these Kohl's stores.  I love Kohl's and shop there all the time.  The store I travel to has been recently remodeled, has a huge Sephora, and newly repaved parking lot.  It is clean, neat and tidy inside.


I love their Tek Gear brand.  I have lots of clothing purchased there and never an issue with any poor quality or dissolving in the washer.  

I will be picking up an order there today when I run errands.

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