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I like the sweater Kirsten's wearing on the show now.  If there is an item no. for it please post it.  Thanks

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Hi @dmeasy I beleive Kerstin is wearing A558411 the Peace, Love, World Rib Turtleneck.


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I dont think it's A558411 as I have that and it's a lightweight cotton turtleneck and it's ribbed.

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When I saw her she was wearing A459638 Denim & Co. Comfort Zone Baby Sherpa Crewneck Pullover.


$27.68 with 3.50 shipping






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Re: Kirsten's Sweater

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She was wearing a different sweater when the OP posted a couple of hours ago.  It had prominent horizontal stripes.




Yes, the 4edhead is Kirsten wearing a wig.

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