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If you are so inclined to help those who are having trouble putting food on the table right now during the pandemic/holiday season), your regional food bank would love to hear from you. Any amount helps.

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Oh, yes, certainly agree!!  I shop at Sprouts here in Phx and they have assembled bags of Holiday food for our local food kitchens and I am more than pleased to donate a bag every time I shop there!  

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@suzyQ3  Thanks for the reminder! A scout troop and a local church put bags on our mailboxes each year and collect the Saturday before Thanksgiving (today!). But beyond that, I would suggest taking advantage of the specials at your grocery store. Mine has a "can can" sale a few times a year. If you buy 10, you get a really good price. Also, if you spend a certain amount in the weeks before Thanksgiving, you get a free frozen turkey or ham or Stouffer's lasagna. A lot of people donates those too.

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Re: Just a reminder

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  I've been volunteering at a local food back for many years.I also write them checks on a regular basis. I can't believe the number of people who've been coming in for food lately.We are trying hard to keep up with the demand. Luckily, we are able to give everyone a box of groceries of some kind.We ask them what they need & try to accommodate them.

  It breaks my heart to see all these decent people desperately trying to feed their families.

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@suzyQ3,  your post reminded me of what my neighbor's 7-year-old son asked me just a couple of days ago.  He asked if I knew that some people throw out more food at Thanksgiving than many have to eat.


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Re: Just a reminder

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just donated 2 thanksgiving meals to our local veteran's husband is an air force is our pleasure to take care of our less fortunate veterans......

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Always a good reminder. The food bank where I volunteer has had enough food so far, but people aren’t getting a large holiday bag this Thanksgiving, just a few extras. Everyone is grateful for what is available. 

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Blood banks also desperately need plasma. From what my friend told me, they also perform a Covid antibody test on your blood. So if you're curious about whether you have antibodies, that's a free way to find out while doing good.

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The Boy Scouts just did a food collection last Saturday.  You leave bags of food on the porch, and they collect it for the local food bank.



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I started to purchase food for the scout drive in Oct., but our local troop did not participate this year due to Covid. I called my neighbor up the street and gave it to her for her church's food bank.