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Re: It's never too late for a crush

@jannabelle wrote:

@Kitlynn, good for your friend, although 61 is pretty young (IMO)!


@jannabelle- Absolutely 61 is young!  61 is the new 51!   Smiley Happy

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Re: It's never too late for a crush

Suthsek: Boy are you condesending! Shame on you!

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.
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Re: It's never too late for a crush

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Time to round up some ELIGIBLE handsome bachelors/widowers to see if any might meet her standards.




ALSO, while MOST NH and even AL residents do have dementia, there are almost always a percentage who don’t, and IMO it is good for people who are mentally intact to enjoy whatever contacts and connections they can make, however they make them.


I base this thought on having spent a LOT of time in residential care sites, but of course, this is a very difficult subject to generalize about.

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Re: It's never too late for a crush

@Chrystaltree wrote:

You must be young.  She's only 68 which isn't old by any stretch of the imagination, she's young enough for real relationship if that's what she wants so she's certainly young enough for an infatuation.  What she is experiencing is called "transference" in the medical world and it is extremely common.  Even for patients who are in relationships or happily married.  When a patient has physician, nurse or therapist that they work closely with and trust and depend on; the patient sometimes develops romantic feelings for that person.  Most of the time it is just a "crush" and it's harmless and ends when they stop seeing that particular therapist.  Perhaps after your aunt's chronic pain issues have been taken care of, she'll want to date again.  


I spent some time visiting with my Aunt today; she's doing well and had just had a good therapy session. 


Interestingly, when I asked her how her "crush" was, she was concerned that I had taken the crush thing too seriously. 

She said she was half teasing, though she did have a bit of a transference thing going on. 


Sunday, she had a  visit from a former male co-worker. 

She said it was quite a surprise.  He recently moved back to Spokane, after a divorce a year ago.  (hmmmmm)She said they had a nice visit, and he wished her well and said he hoped it would be OK, if he visited again-she told him of course.


I don't think she sees him as a romantic interest , but you never know!